St. Peters Square

- Liverpool St. Peters Square

The original and best cocktail masterclass is better than ever at Revolution Liverpool St Peters Square.

When you attend a cocktail masterclass in Liverpool the party starts as soon as you step inside the building. Feel like a VIP at St Peters Square where your party host will serve you with your first cocktail straightaway. Then all the secrets and mixing techniques behind all of our delicious cocktails will be unveiled.  Our cocktail masterclass also uniquely matches your drinks with carefully selected food pairings, delivering a totally unique taste experience.

Whatever your party needs, we’ve got it covered at Revolution Liverpool  St Peters Square.


The Cocktail Masterclass featuring cocktail demonstrations, games, canapés and then more cocktails. For people who really want to mix it up.

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The Cocktail Masterclass with a selection of party nibbles from Sweet Potato Fries to Blackened Chicken Skewers. Food that’s made for sharing.

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The Cocktail Masterclass with two-course dining. Choose from a selection of freshly prepared dishes from our Kitchen.

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Go all out with the Cocktail Masterclass and 3-course dining package. After shaking it up behind the bar, it’s time to sit back and feast.

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Share the secrets of our expertly handcrafted cocktails, learn about our premium spirits and fresh ingredients, and mix and match your drinks with complementary food flavours.
But, most importantly, let’s have a party.

Cocktail Masterclass
Liverpool – St. Peters Square

We’re the proud home of the original and best cocktail masterclass, delivering an unforgettable experience suitable for any party occasion. The night will be full of fun, games, and awesome drinks. Learn how to mix up premium spirits and fresh ingredients to create our handcrafted cocktails, plus learn a few tricks of the trade along the way.

And why not book a private area for later in the night so you don’t have to let the good times end?