If you're planning your 18th Birthday but are struggling for ideas, get some inspiration from Revolution. We've got some great 18th Birthday party ideas to help you plan the perfect 18th Birthday celebration. Get in touch with Revolution today to book some space at the ultimate party venue.

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The Big 1 8

Your 18th Birthday is the biggest Birthday milestone you’ll ever have. You’re officially an adult now! But before you put your feet up in your carpet slippers and settle down to a crossword, you’ve got some serious partying to do. Your 18th Birthday is the perfect excuse to get together with your mates and revel in the freedom of adulthood. If you’re in search of some fun 18th Birthday party ideas, check out some of our favourites below.

18th Birthday Theme

Themed Birthday parties are hands down the best way to get everyone in the party mood. Since it’s your 18th, why not make the theme relevant? You and your mates could try to do as many things that are legal now that you’re 18 as possible. Some of these include:


  • Buy a lottery ticket
  • Buy fireworks
  • Watch an 18 rated film
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get a piercing
  • Gamble in a casino
  • Get married without paternal permission
  • Open a bank account
  • Vote
  • Become a human guinea-pig
  • Buy and drink alcohol.

That sounds like one fun filled day! After you’ve opened a bank account for your gambling winnings and let off some fireworks to celebrate, head to a Revolution bar to indulge in the last one on the list. Enjoy your first legal cocktail mixed to perfection in your chosen Revolution Bar. We have bars up and down the UK so no matter where you’re celebrating your 18th Birthday there is sure to be a Revolution close by.

Come Dine With Us

If you’re feeling all grown up now that you’ve turned 18, why not have a civilised sit down meal with all of your friends? Revolution Bars are ready and waiting to host your 18th Birthday meal, with a varied and delicious food menu for you to indulge in.

Get all of your dinner guests to dress to the nines – you’ll all look dapper and feel a million dollars. Once you’ve eaten your fill, you’re in the perfect location to head to the bar for some fruity cocktail delights, and dance the night away on our dance floor. Make a booking at Revolution today for your 18th Birthday meal.

Cocktail Masterclass

Here’s an 18th Birthday party idea with a difference – try your hand at our Cocktail Masterclass!If you love a perfectly crafted cocktail, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the tricks of the cocktail making trade, then this is your opportunity to learn!

One of our head mixologists will lead the laid back class, where you will get to shake, muddle, mix and stir some of your classic favourite cocktails. You’ll get to sample some creations too! It’s a great alternative way to enjoy yourself with friends on for your 18th Birthday party.