Here’s something that never made sense about Santa.

Despite the fact he was a mystical, superhuman being who could travel around the world at light speed carrying a world’s supply of presents, he never seemed to be able to bring you anything outside of the Argos catalogue.

Hmm….doesn’t quite check out that.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic, let’s indulge in some nostalgic goodness by reminiscing about all those junk toys you were so desperate to have when you were younger.

Jelly Alien Egg

Anyone remember these bad boys? Yeah!

Remember how when you’d smoosh two of their heads together and put them in the fridge to find that they had given birth to a brood of smaller alien babies?

Of course you don’t. Because despite all the rumours, that never, ever happened once.

Velco Food Play Set

Velco Food Play Set
Just the mere sight of these bad boys makes us want to well up with nostalgia. Although, looking back, they do seem a bit silly, considering you could buy all of the real things at Tesco for less than a fiver.

Mr Frosty

Mr Frosty
Probably the most disappointing toy of your childhood. All we wanted was a toxic looking slush puppy to be dispensed from the stomach of a slightly aroused plastic snowman.

In summary, Mr. Frosty wasn’t such fun, and he never made a drink for anyone.


Getting a Scalextric for Christmas was like a dream come true. Well, that was until you went back to school in January only to find that a friend of a friend who went to another school had been given a slightly better Scalextric complete with trees, people and a grandstand. Your dream had now turned into a Christmas nightmare!


There probably wasn’t a Christmas list in the country that didn’t feature a Playstation at the very top of it. Now, let’s smash on Crash Bandicoot and have ourselves a proper Christmas.

Electronic Diary

This was an essential piece of kit for anyone growing up wanting to become a budding secretary. Coming in hot-pink with electric purple buttons, we were bloody cool back then.

Sky Dancers

Christmas Day in the 90s was never the same after you nearly lost an eye or a clump of your hair thanks to the work of a rather dangerous Sky Dancer.


Everyone enjoyed the idea of owning a Furby as a kid, but in reality they were an absolute nightmare to look after.

Beanie Babies

A quick eBay search will tell you that the majority of the Beanie Babies up in your loft are worth zilch. Oh well, they might still come back in fashion.


B10. Miss. C7. Miss. B8. Miss. F3. Miss. A1. Hit! Yippee! C2. Miss. G9. Miss……..

Looking back, it’s hard to see why everyone of us had Battleships, a game that really does put the ‘board’ back into ‘boardgame’.

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