Our new drinks menu has finally arrived and we’re pretty damn proud of it. We took experimenting to the next level and brought new ingredients, flavours and creations into the mix, that we think you might just love.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite cocktails, that you just have to try…

Blue Movie

Almost as naughty as its namesake. Absolut Berri Açaí, Blue Curaçao, lemon, apple juice and lemonade. And it’s available as a 3 pint sharing pitcher for even more naughtiness.


Rum Bull

Jump on board and get a proper taste of paradise. Sailor Jerry rum, with Red Bull Tropical Edition, lime juice and mango purée.

Absolut Soup

Absolut Soup

Served up in an iconic Andy Warhol tin can and the contents are as daring, bold and exciting as the man himself: Absolut, Teichenné Coconut schnapps, apple juice and grapefruit.

It’s A Rum Ting

Rum Ting

This one’s just something we made up. Ain’t no ting. Sailor Jerry and Wray & Nephews rums with Cointreau, passion fruit purée, a squeeze of lime, topped with Ting and garnished with mint and raspberries.

Bison Grass Mojito

A beast of a drink. Grapefruit and lime juice stirred with Zubrowska over crushed ice and fresh mint. Then we top it with soda and Chambord.

Brand spanking new to our drinks selection are the blended drinks, the perfect party blends for ice cold refreshment….

Movie House Shake

Movie House Shake

There’s a new star in town and it looks set for the top. This vodkaccino involves Salted Caramel and Melted Ice Cream flavoured vodkas, blended with milk and cream, then topped with actual popcorn.

Bubblegum Daiquiri

Bubblegum Daiquiri

A grown up drink topped with FLYING SAUCERS. It may not be sophisticated but it is damn good fun. Bubblegum flavoured vodka blended with bubblegum syrup, lemon and apple juice.

Atomic Bongo

An explosive combination of Bacardi and Wrap & Nephew rums with Teichenné Coconut schnapps, pineapple, passionfruit and popping candy. Because, well why not?

Too much to handle on your own, so share it with friends.

Cherry Woo Woo

Cherry Woo Woo

They thought it wouldn’t be possible, but we managed to make the Woo Woo even cheekier. We topped this one with cherry laces. Cherry and peach flavoured vodkas, lime and cranberry juice and topped with cherry laces.

Mango & Strawberry Colada

A sweet tropical storm in a hurricane glass. Bacardi Carta Blanca with a blend of fresh strawberries, mango purée, lime, Coco Reàl and pineapple juice.

Tempted? Book a place for your cocktail to rest on here.

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