It wasn’t just created by marketing folk in a desperate attempt to sell more cocktails. In fact, there’s a whole load of history behind happy hour, starting with Shakespeare…

1. A time fit for a King

In Henry V, King Henry says, “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour that may give furtherance to our expedition.” We’re no literary scholars but this roughly means “ babes, let’s not be tight on the good times”.

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2. Hello, sailor!

Most people agree that the modern use of happy hour began at sea during the 1920s, when sailors used happy hour to describe their time off, usually spent boozing, boxing and wrestling (not just eating spinach).


3. We always want what we can’t get

Happy hour only really caught on during prohibition when drinking became illegal.


4. The police started it

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a 1961 article in the Providence Journal sparked wide use of the term, when it referred to some Newport cops and their “happy hour at the cocktail bar.”

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