It’s a new year, and we’re hopping on board the ‘new year, new me’ bandwagon by introducing our brand spanking new drinks menu.

We want to enter 2016 fully prepared for all the types of party you lot are after, so we’ve designed this menu to make sure we’re not caught off guard.

It’s all kinds of awesome, giving it the potential to get every kind of party started. Let us show you how.

The Standard Party – Rumbull

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You know – this is the kind you’re accustomed to, but won’t ever get bored of. Yeah – you might make a few fumbled attempts at flirtation, there might be some awkward ‘hotline bling’ movements on the dancefloor, but ultimately, it’s a good night with nothing you’ll regret (too much).

The Rumbull will get this party started – it’s got three kinds of kick (rum, red bull and fruit juice) to make sure you’ve got enough energy and alcohol to start you off with a fruity buzz.

The Hipster Hang Out – Negroni


So you’re after a party that’s a little more niche. You’re not into Radio 1 blasting through a 3000 watt sound-system. You’d much rather listen to acid jazz records through a 19th century phonograph whilst discussing the artistic merits of the latest best foreign language Oscar nominations. Okay, that’s fine – we’ve got you covered.

To suit your oh so unconventional taste, we’ve got the Negroni. It’s intensely botanical and aromatic flavours will certainly be strange enough for you to vibe with until the early hours.

The Epic, No Holds Barred Party – The Zombie Shaker

Okay – now this is getting serious. You’re after the kind of party that changes your life permanently. The kind where every single member of your crew loses all inhibition and you all accomplish feats of animalistic partying that you will never speak of again, if you could remember them of course.

For this you’ll need the Zombie Shaker. We’re not allowed to tell you which rums are in there, but we can say that there’s a lot. Approach with caution.

The Classy ‘Speakeasy’ Party – Long Island Iced Tea

REVSLOVES - Long Island Iced Tea

You’re not into loud, wild parties. You want class. You want a live pianist, not a laptop plugged into a 3000 watt sound system. You want waistcoats and cocktail dresses, not low cut v-necks and miniskirts.  You want to go back to a time where elegance was the basic standard everyone had to meet. Don’t worry. We can do that too .

Whether you’re after an exotic Mojito or a cockney Bramble, we’ve got the classics covered. If Frank Sinatra was still with us, we reckon he’d be sipping on our old school Long Island Ice Tea.

The ‘I’d rather just sit in the pub and chill’ party – Camden Pale Ale

Some of you aren’t after a wild one. Some of you would much rather sip on a beautifully crafted hops concoction whilst enjoying some stimulating conversation. We don’t fully understand those people, but we cater to their needs nonetheless.

That’s why we’ve got a fantastic selection of craft ales that are certain to provide the smooth flavoursome back drop to a chilled gathering of friends. And if you’re overwhelmed with the choice, you can’t go wrong with the Camden Pale Ale.

The After Party – A full bottle of Grey Goose

So you’ve just rocked up into the club with your entourage after playing a sold out show at Wembley. What better way to celebrate than to order a full bottle of one of the world’s finest spirits to your table and making sure everybody knows about it.

Okay, can’t help you with the sold out concert, but we can help you feel like Drizzy by plonking a full bottle of France’s finest Grey Goose vodka on your table with a loud thud so everyone knows who the real boss is.

The ‘I’ve got to leave early’ party – Salted Caramel Mudshake

Salted Caramel Mudshake

We’ve all been in that situation where for whatever reason, tonight is just not your night to party. It’s not like you don’t want to – it’s just that life is getting in the way, and for some inhumane reason like work or lectures, you’ve got to be up early. You’re not happy about it, but you’re only able to stay for one drink, and that’s the way it has to be.

You might as well make it an indulgent one in that case. When you think of all the would-be calories you would have definitely consumed if you stayed for the whole night (including the inevitable takeaway feast), you can definitely justify having this delicious, creamy bad boy of a cocktail, the Salted Caramel Mudshake.

Our new menu really does cater to every kind of decadence you could possibly want. And the best part is, this list is by no means exhaustive – our menu is so full of potential, your best bet is to take a look at it yourself.

It’s built from the ground up to get the party started – see what it can do for you.

Get your party started
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