It’s time for something different.

Not that different!

No, it is time for a brand new Revolution cocktail menu and it’s in the bars right now!

That means, as well as all your old favourites: the Disco Cocktails, Pitchers and Teapots, we’ve got some bad-ass new drinks for you to enjoy…

From Sours, Collins, Mojitos and Mules to sharing drinks you shake up yourselves and a whole new selection of copper jugs, you’ll be hard pressed to find a new favourite.

(But that gives you a good excuse to try them all…)

See yourself as a bit Dark ‘n’ Stormy or fancy a fruity Basil Grande with a pinch of pepper for that extra hit? Want to party with a Mai Tai or shake up a Hurricane? They’re all on our new menu…

Plus cocktails are still 2-4-1 from 5pm-9pm Sunday to Friday and, with our premium range of spirits, you know you’ve got yourself a party.

Because, even though we are connoisseurs of vodka, we are still lovers of everything else.


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