Our new drinks menu has arrived and it is better than ever. New and improved cocktails, a huge range of beers and wines, and plenty of vodka (obviously). It’s a menu that is mixed for the now. And it’s got your name written all over it.

Nutrition and Allergy Advice

It is important that you know exactly what goes in to making our drinks. Our waiting team are happy to advise if you have specific queries or requirements.

Drinks on the blog

Our new cocktails will actually bring you life

It’s finally here. Nope, summer hasn’t arrived. But at long last, our superb new drinks menu has.

Our new drinks menu has a few surprises in store…

From edible flowers to miniature flasks of bourbon, our new drinks menu is filled with flippin’ great surprises… So here’s a few of our personal favs, to get you in the party mood.