Hen Night

If you have been given the honour of being your best friend’s maid of honour? Or perhaps you have decided to go ahead and organise your hen night yourself? Either way, there will be a Revolution Bar just around the corner from you, where you can have the night of a lifetime. Just fill in the booking form below and let our specialist party planners do all the hard work for you!


Perfect Hen Nights at Revolution

Being asked to organise a hen night is a huge honour, and you’ll need to make sure that the bride to be has a great send off into married life. You might be a bit anxious about what needs to be done.

 At Revolution we’ve organised many hen parties and can offer you some advice as to what you need to do for the big night.

 Pick a Suitable Date

 There’s no point choosing a date that nobody can make. You might need to be more flexible, and you’ll have to remember that it’s the bride’s night, not yours. Change your plans; don’t get the bride to change hers.

Choose Your Revolution Bar

A key consideration is whether you choose your local Revolution, or one further afield. What about going to a big city with plenty to do, or well-known party cities like Newcastle, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff? Wherever you choose, Revolution will have a venue that an cater for all of your hen do requirements.

The Guest List

Are the right people on the list, and can they all make it? The bride may want the final say, but you’ll want to see if you can get it right yourself.

Daytime Hen Do Activities

You will need something to do during the day, in the run up to your Revolution party! Perhaps you’ll go shopping or have day being pampered at a spa. You might want to organise something more energetic such as paintballing or go karting. Remember that this is the bride’s night and not yours, so you make sure you plan something the lady in question is going to absolutely love.

Don’t pick activities that are too strenuous, or plan a day out that will leave you all too tired to enjoy the night itself. If you are all too shattered to enjoy your night out at Revolution, then the night will be a bit of a non-starter!


You might want to arrange transport in advance so that you’re not waiting around for taxis at the beginning or end of the night. Once you have been out and about all day and partied all night, the last thing you want to do is spend the end of the hen do waiting around in taxi ranks.


You’ll want to make sure that the accommodation you’ve arranged is booked well in advance. The bride may want a posh hotel with luxurious rooms, or may prefer to be in the city centre so that getting to Revolution is much easier. Remember that the earlier you book, the cheaper the hen do may turn out to be!


You might want to arrange some games for the evening itself. You might already have some in mind or you might need some help from the rest of bridesmaids. If you’re really struggling for inspiration, the Revolution Party Planners are sure to be able to think of something appropriate and can take care of it all for you!

Revolution has everything you need to make sure that this is the best night out the prospective bride could ever wish for.