Revolution is the perfect place to have your stag night! If you are looking for a great atmosphere, yummy food, an extensive drinks menu and overall good times, then one of our many venues across the UK is ideal for your stag night! Why not get in touch with our specialist party planners today and let us take the hard work out of your all-important stag night!

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Endless Stag Night Opportunities!

Being asked to organise a stag night is a huge honour but one that also comes with a lot of responsibility. You want to make sure that the stag has a great send off before setting out on the adventure that is married life. You might be worrying about what you need to do to ensure the celebrations are a success. If you’ve never planned a big party before and feel a bit out of your depth, fear not. At Revolution we consider ourselves expert party planners when it comes to stag parties.

When booking online with us, our party planners will take care of everything for you so you can relax and enjoy yourself on the big day. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind when planning the stag do. 

Choose The Date

First thing’s first – you need to make sure that everyone is available on the date you choose. You’ll have to keep several dates in mind, and be flexible in case somebody can’t make it. The last thing you want is for the usher or the soon-to-be brother-in-law to miss out on the fun. So, find a date that suits everyone and let us know so we can start putting your stag night together for you.


Choose you’re an ideal location for your stag do. You may want to stay local for ease or go further afield.  Find out where the stag would like to go – if he wants to keep it local or head to a different city, chances are there will be  Revolution bar close by. We have bars all across the United Kingdom, so wherever you choose to take the party we will can put on a night to remember!

Guest List

Make sure you get a definitive list of who is coming, especially if you are travelling around the country. If you are ordering cocktails and food from your Revolution of choice, numbers are very important and you may well need accommodation!

Daytime Activities

Don’t forget to arrange something to do during the day before the stag night itself. What about something out of the ordinary, like a driving day on a race track or rally course, paintballing, or outdoor pursuits? Remember that the day is a celebration for the stag so be sure to find out what he would like to spend the day doing. Whatever you choose to do in the day, be careful not to wear yourselves out too soon. You don’t want to be too tired to enjoy the stag night itself!


It is a good idea to arrange your transport in advance, so that you’re not waiting around for taxis at the beginning or end of the stag night. Weekends in big cities can be very busy and you don’t want to be left queueing for a taxi at the end of the night.


By booking your stag night accommodation well in advance, you’ll be able to make sure that your hotel is in a good location. Will the stag want to stay at a stylish luxurious hotel with all the mod cons and amazing facilities? Or will a modest hotel in the city centre make more sense? Getting this sorted early gives you more time and money for celebrating and having a great time!


Have you arranged any games or other amusements for during the stag night itself? Have you got some plans to embarrass the stag? Make sure that you’ve got everything you need in advance. Remember that our party planners can help with spacial arrangements!

Why not book your stag night online today to confirm your place at the UK’s favourite party destination?