Not everyone wants to celebrate The World Cup 2014. Do Brazil Without The Balls and take a look at our alternative bars. We've got a whole host of bars that are still doing what we do best; partying and keeping you happy! We've even got ideas on what you can do in 90 minutes instead of watching the game. Let the good times roll at Revolution Bars - make a booking with us today using the booking form below.

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Fabulously Football Free Bars

Want to celebrate a birthday party, hen night or leaving do without having all of the football crowd getting in on your fun? Then our specially selected bars are for you. They’ve got all of our usual great stuff, like delicious bar food, legendary cocktails and all round good times. Check them out below.





Newcastle Upon Tyne


Manchester – Parsonage Gardens

Your Alternative 90 Minutes at Revolution

Idea One: Cocktail Masterclass

The legendary Revolution cocktails are made by our expert cocktail masters. Want to learn how to mix and shake like a pro? Then you need our cocktail masterclass. You’ll get the chance to make premium drinks, have your own music playing whilst you make and even order in some amazing food from our kitchen. Finger food and fun abounds – book a cocktail masterclass and beat your Brazil blues.

Idea Two: Sharing Platter Heaven 

If you’re avoiding the games by spending some quality time with mates then get stuck into one of our delectable sharing platters. Classic and Fire Pit Nachos are just dying to set your taste buds alight and our Mezze is something else. Or if you want a truly unique Revolution eating experience then go full hog with our Revolution platter. It’s one of our most popular options, visit a Revolution today to see what all the fuss is about.

Idea Three: Pitch Perfect

Our cocktail pitchers are the catalyst for good times! 90 minutes will give you enough time to gossip and catch up over at least three of them, experiment and try as many different different ones as possible.  Take on the pitcher challenge and try our pleasure-filled Fizzie Rascal, Jammy B*Stard or Big Jug of Love. The taste as good as they sound. Rum more your thing? Then you’ll want to taste our Rumball In The Jungle or the nostalgic Rum Bongo. Take on the pitcher challenge today – how many can you do in 90 minutes?