World Cup Party Ideas

Get the party started with the World Cup 2014 and Revolution Bars. We've got some brilliant World Cup party ideas for you to take part in - whether that be at home or in any of our exceptional bars. Check out our fun ideas below for food, games and cocktails. Book you party with us to get the full World Cup experience. The World Cup 2014 and Revolution Bars is a match made in heaven.

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We’ve hand picked some special World Cup party ideas and games to get you in the party mood. Play them out in our Revolution bars or start the games at home to get you in the mood for some serious fun! Get things in the sporting spirit and award prizes to winners – we think cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate your victory.


Already got the drinks in? Then it’s time to strike up a tune. Take any expertly made cocktail and begin to gargle a well known song. Have your friends guess which song you’re impersonating.


A classic. Increase your pulling power around The World Cup 2014 and play musical chairs with your friends – it’s a great way to meet new people. Instead of  the music stopping why not assign someone to be games master? They can shout out when to find a seat and you could be crowning champion.


The craziest named game on our list. This is a great one to get to know your mates with. Have all of the players sit at a table. One person asks the person to their right (This is the ‘monkey’) a series of personal questions, e.g. their name, place of birth (you can get as naughty with this as you like). Then the person to the right of the monkey (or the ‘organ grinder’) answers for them. If the monkey talks or laughs then they have to get to the drinks in. Simple!


One pack of cards, all your best mates – a whole night of fun! Deal out some cards as you wind down with your beer, or get the conversation going with one of our sharing platters. Deal the cards out to whoever is sitting at the table, whoever draws the ace is the murderer – they can then kill by winking surreptitiously. The ‘dead’ players then slump to the table as the others try to identify the murderer. If someone challenges and they’re wrong looks like the round is on them!




There’s nothing like sharing food with friends as you watch the big games in The World Cup 2014. Revolution has you covered when it comes to party food. Take a look at our selections below to see which options from our menu are best for you and your World Cup Party. Enjoy finger food buffets, canapés and sharing platters – or you can turn up and enjoy anything off our regular menu. The choice is yours!


Sharing Platters are totally in spirit with the World Cup. Football is all about teams working together. So get your mates together and work as a team to annihilate one of our delicious sharing platters. We’ve got sliders for you to tackle, classic & fire pit nachos for you to get to grips with and our out-of-this-world Revolution platter that features some of the highlights of our menu. Get in the team spirit today and share a platter with your starting eleven.


Burgers. The ultimate food to accompany the World Cup. Indulge yourself with any of excellent selection. They’re all yummy and some could even be considered competitive eating! Experience the Bourbon Bad Boy, test out the unique Vodka Burger or keep an eye on your waist line for training with our Skinny Chicken Burger. Burgers


If you’re truly dedicated to keeping up with the England Team then watch your waistline with our excellent selection of salads. Will you go red or green? Both are tasty and both will keep you fighting fit for any kick-abouts you might have.


Our Carnival Cocktail Masterclass is just perfect for you and your friends to get into the celebratory spirit without the football. Take lessons from our master cocktail makers and learn the secrets of carnival cocktails. Enjoy a sharing platter as you mix and shake your way to cocktail mastery. You’ll learnt the basics of great cocktail making and even learn a few special cocktails along the way! Enjoy the football in a unique way with this great World Cup party option.