Yep, here’s a roundup of totally cool (maybe a bit random) music vids from the noughties, back when watching VH1 was a fun pastime and Freddos were only 10p. Ah, the good old days… Get ready for a trip down memory lane!

Gorillaz: ‘Clint Eastwood’ (2001)

Our first entry introduced the animated supergroup the world with a bang. This vid was equal parts creepy and cool, complete with raging zombie gorillas that gave Michael Jackson’s Thriller dancers a run for their money.

Christina Aguilera: ‘Dirrty’ (2002)

X-tina donned her leather chaps and, with a flick of fake dreadlocks, made jaws drop worldwide. This vid temporarily made seedy underground boxing clubs seem sexy and glam, until we all came to our senses and realised the whole thing was just a bit… well, dirty.

Nelly & Kelly ‘Dilemma’ (2002)

An average entry at best, but it had to make the cut ‘cause SHE TEXTS ON AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET. Then gets in a huff when Nelly doesn’t respond. Like wut? Girl, you sent him an EXCEL SPREADSHEET!

No wonder romance never blossomed. He’s probably still trying to reply.

Electric Six: ‘High Voltage’ (2003)

Detroit rockers Electric Six shocked us all with possibly the weirdest three and half minutes of the decade. Featuring some questionable kissing (if you can call it that), light-up codpiece costumes, and the very suggestive riding of a taxidermy moose.

We’re still trying to work out what the hell they were on about, or whether there really was just a fire at Taco Bell.

Alien Ant Farm: ‘Smooth Criminal’ (2001)

One of the few instances where the cover is actually BETTER than the original (sorry MJ). A noughties music vid with levels of cool that was only matched by their kooky follow-up single, Movies (which btw, had an equally sick video).

And didn’t you just wish you could dance like that kid?

Queens of the Stone Age: ‘No One Knows’ (2002)

In this vid, the Queens are busy doing what they did best and rockin’ hard, when all of a sudden they’re getting carjacked (and their asses kicked) by would-be roadkill. A dafuq?! music video moment if there ever was one.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: ‘Californication’ (2000)

The Chilis made history when they were the first music group to be made into video game characters to coincide with the release of the PS2 (aw, memories). This insane vid saw each band member recreated to the finest detail and their digital characters are, of course, just as shirtless as their real-life counterparts.

And over 17 years later, there’s still a petition going to get it made into an actual game. Now where do we sign?

Beyoncé: ‘Single Ladies’ (2008)

Obviously we were gonna have an entry from Queen Bey, and it just had to be Single Ladies. The dance itself took a month and half to learn, 12 hours to film and waaay more than six shoes because Bey and her backing dancers kept breaking them.

It’s iconic in every way, and we just absolutely LOVE it.

Eminem: ‘The Real Slim Shady’ (2000)

It was way back in 2000 we saw Em make fun of just about everyone and their mum in “The Real Slim Shady” video.

In just over four minutes, the acid-tongued lyrical genius threw shade at Britney Spears, Pam Anderson, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst and loads more unsuspecting celebs. Don’t remember how many people he managed to insult? Check out the vid for somer serious LOLs.

And believe it or not, sales of Burger King onion rings have been on steady decline ever since the release of this video.

Fatboy Slim: ‘Weapon of Choice’ (2000)

Fun fact: This isn’t actually a music video. It’s just candid footage (captured by a hidden camera) of what Christopher Walken gets up to when no one’s around.

LOVED this list? Imagine a night with all these on the playlist… Ah, such nostalgia!

We don’t know if our DJs will be up for bringing them all back FULL on noughties style, but they definitely take requests.

Why not try ‘em, tonight? Or even on our next Big Friday?! Yes, we wanna see you before the 27th January… But, hey. It’s payday. It’s FriYAY. And it’s really one not to be missed.

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