Excess. It’s not a word we use very often here at Revolution, as we firmly believe that there can never really be too much of a good thing. However – we also appreciate the value of staying classy. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the producers of the following music videos, who truly believed that more really is more.

  1. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

The release of this music video achieved the impossible and marked the end of the noble Sir Mixalot’s reign as the world’s foremost proponent of large behinds. Did you know Nicki Minaj likes big butts? Believe us, you will after this video.

2. Robbie Williams – Rock DJ

Ever the iconoclast, Robbie Williams took the idea of ‘showing some flesh’ to a whole new level in this video, in which he is shown literally peeling back his skin and showing his flesh. Sheesh Robbie – it’s just an expression!

  1. Sisqo – Thong Song

So here we have a heart wrenching violin-driven ballad about one man’s love for thongs. Not absurd enough yet? How about this gloriously OTT music video, which sees a silver-haired Sisqo doing gravity defying backflips over the beaches of Miami, surrounded by beautiful women wearing his favorite undergarment.

  1. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Imagination was the one thing this video definitely didn’t have in excess. It’s literally JUST naked women. We all know sex sells Robin, but surely you could have tried to be a little more subtle about it?

  1. Tenacious D – Tribute

This video about the greatest song ever written culminates in the devil (played by none other than Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl) being swallowed up into a fiery hellhole summoned by an outrageous guitar solo. For better or worse, sometimes excess is totally awesome.

  1. Guns N Roses – November Rain

What does $1 Million, 1300 extras and a 9-minute long song about heartbreak get you? This epic music video about a doomed couple, complete with a wedding, a funeral, and three huge guitar solos. It’s intense. Perhaps a little too intense (topless guitar solo outside a church anyone?).

  1. Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

Got loads of famous mates? Why not ask them all to pop into your music video for a couple of seconds to make the most star studded 3 minutes you’ll ever see.

  1. Michael Jackson – Scream

This is the epitome of needless excess. It costs $7 million to make, and quite frankly, you can barely tell. The spaceship set looks like little more than a nicely polished Ikea showroom, and Michael’s dance moves aren’t even on point. What a waste.

  1. Jay Z – Big Pimpin’

Cars. Boats. Scantily clad women. Booze. Fur coats. More women. More booze. Cars again. More women. Did we mention there are a lot of naked women in this video? Wow. Then again, what could we expect with a song name like that?

  1. OK-Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Now this is insane. Shot in one long take, this video shows 2300 dancers (including the band members themselves) execute a meticulously planned routine incorporating umbrellas and segways. It starts big, and just gets bigger and bigger. Unbelievable, yeah – but what a savage effort.

As you’ve seen here, excess can come in both bad and good forms. However, one thing’s for certain – we here at Revolution know how to get the balance spot on. Why not purchase a Revolution Card so you can afford to experience excess done right?

Go on. Sometimes too much is perfect.

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