We’re not going to dress it up for you. Blue Monday is awful.

It feels like the horror of January should be over by now. Like, you knew that it was going to be a tough few weeks after Christmas, but for the love of God, this is getting ridiculous.

Pay day is still two weeks away. You’re stuck in 2016’s no man’s land, and it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is miles away.

So to try and cheer you up, here are some blue things that are a lot nicer than blue Monday which, ironically, should make you feel less blue.

Blue man group

These dudes have been doing their thing (what it is precisely, we aren’t quite sure of) for over 24 years now, which is a testament to how good these overgrown smurfs are. They dance. They bang drums. They play epic music. And they’re totally blue.

Blue Skittles

These limited edition bad boys brought blue brilliance with them into our lives for an all too brief sojourn. Hopefully they’ll return – and hopefully they’ll kick out those pesky lemon ones when they do.

Blue steel

The look so ice cold that it can stop a ninja throwing star. There isn’t a more beautiful spectacle to behold in the universe, and only Derek Zoolander can pull it off.

The Sky

Okay – so maybe if you worked out the average colour of the sky we’re used to it would work out to something less blue and more like the skin of a particularly dead elephant. But when the sky is clear – phew, what a big, blue, beautiful sight to behold!

Heinz Blue Ketchup

Does anyone remember this stuff? It appeared on our supermarket shelves only momentarily, but was swiftly removed because people weren’t a fan of putting something that looked like blended smurf onto their chips. We liked it, anyway.


These gemstones look like drops of a gorgeous ocean suspended in time. If these don’t give blue a good name, we don’t know what can.


Easily the best part of Aladdin. We might have lost Robin Williams, but we’ll never lose his performance as this fast-talking, big, blue legend of a genie.


Why is this guy blue? Is he suffering from some kind of liver disease? Has he eaten too many blue skittles? We don’t know what’s wrong with him. But we do know that we wouldn’t have him any other way.

Violet Beauregarde

Okay, so blue may not be her natural state, but when she eventually does turn blue it’s definitely one of the coolest sequences ever put to film. Although it’s pretty disturbing when she gets rolled away and Wonka implies that she’s going to get burst open, or worse.

Our Blue Movie cocktail

Blue Movie Cocktail

Of course, we reckon that the best blue thing around is our fruity Blue Movie cocktail. But we might just be teensy bit biased here. Make it here yourself.

See! There’s no need to let Blue Monday give blue a bad name.

Especially whilst we’re still running loads of awesome food and drink offers throughout the whole of January to make sure that your spirits don’t run low.

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