We know, we know. These chalkboard signs are literally everywhere nowadays.

Mostly, they’re full of Happy Hour deals, the odd inspirational quote, or a lame Dad joke the bartender was positive was absolutely hilarious.

But sometimes, especially in London, these chalkboards are actually good. Like, just the right amount of cheeky, and guaranteed to leave you chucklin’ for the rest of the day. So to prove it, here are some of our favourites.

1. Danger ahead

We wouldn’t risk it either mate.

2. Good nutrition

#pubchalkboards I'm going the right way to the Hopbine. #thehopbine

A post shared by Malcolm Humphries (@humphriesmalcolm) on

Facts, science AND beer? We’ll take five large salads, please.

4. Pure Sass


A post shared by Malcolm Humphries (@humphriesmalcolm) on

*takes the longest and most rewarding sip since records began*

5. Hydration is key

You can't argue with science…… ?

A post shared by BoatBerkhamsted (@boatberkhamsted) on

Ever heard of someone getting heat stroke in a pub? We haven’t. So it mustn’t have ever happened.

6. So Inspirational

#wordstoliveby #followyourdreams #pubchalkboards @celinevarloud

A post shared by Richard Burns (@richardburns83) on

Yesterday, we wanted to see a witty yet inspirational chalkboard about wine. #followyourdreams

7. Science


A post shared by Craft Beer Experience (@craftbeerexperience) on

Ha. Yeah. Energy. (Okay, if you didn’t get it either, there’s no shame here. Just do a little chuckle, nod like someone who knows basic science, and just scroll onto the next one.)

8. The art of persuasion

Beer hypnosis! #beer #blackboard #blackheath #greenwich #hypnosis #londonchalkboards #pub #pubchalkboards #royalstandard

A post shared by Royal Standard Blackheath (@royalstandardblackheath) on

We’re suddenly feeling very thirsty.

9. Decisions Decisions

We know which one we’d choose.

10. 99 problems

"99 problems but a pint ain't one!" #Pubs #pubchalkboards #Guinness #jayz #preshow #Chinatown

A post shared by Fado Irish Pub (@fadoirishpub) on

Let’s be real, we all know when Jay Z said ‘bitch’, he definitely meant ‘a warming pint of the black stuff’.


Ah, London.

You’ve got the best sense of humour and we can’t wait to join one of your most down-to-Earth suburbs. That’s right, get ready for our London Putney bar and restaurant, ‘cause we’ll be raising the bar with the finest cocktails, most delicious foodie bits and some truly unforgettable nights out.

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