Sometimes, everything just goes right at Christmas time. The snow on Christmas morning, the perfectly cooked food, the gifts that were exactly right.

Other times, though, it goes horribly wrong. And by ‘horribly’, we mean ‘hilariously’.

So we’ve done the only thing you can do in these situations and gathered these fails together for your amusement. Because we’re good like that.

1. Rudolph the terrified reindeer

2. Is there even a difference between these two?

3. Oh look, it’s a snowman pizzAARRGGH make it stop!

4. Nailed it

5. Both special in their own way

6. ‘I’ve seen things, man.’

7. The Christmas office party – a tale in two parts

8. This is going to look awe….aaaand I’m done.

9. You vs the guy she told you not to worry about

10. We know which of these little guys we can relate to

Want to avoid joining this roll call of Christmas fails? Well, we can’t help with everything but we can help you make your Christmas party fail-free.

And just buy your Christmas cookies from the supermarket, yeah?

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