Summertime is finally here and it’s all about chilling in the sunshine with friends and fine cocktails, right? But with so many amazing cocktails on our menu (if we do say so ourselves), where should you start? Well luckily we have put together a list of the finest summer cocktails. Now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for some actual sun.

Strawberry Paloma

Strawberry Paloma blog

The perfect thirst-quencher, based around Olmeca tequila and the hilariously named Ting (it’s a fizzy grapefruit juice from the Caribbean).

Captain Coconut

Captain Coconut blog

This one is a right little tropical storm in a tin, complete with Malibu, Kraken rum and banana liqueur. No sun tan lotion required.

Electric Margarita

Electric Margarita blog

It’s bright blue, features Olmeca tequila and has the word ‘electric’ in its name. Could you ask for more from a cocktail?

Jar ‘o’ Gin

Jar 'o' Gin blog

Gin, grapefruit, lime and tonic water. Google the phrase ‘crisp taste of summer’ and a picture of this cocktail will be the top result.*

*It won’t, BUT IT SHOULD BE.

Midsummer Mule

midsummer mule blog

A sun-drenched twist on a stone-cold classic. Listen, if it’s served in a copper mug and is loaded with ginger beer it means business, right?

Raspberry and Basil Mojito

Raspberry & Basil Mojito blog

Want your Mojito to have an even bigger hit of total summer vibes? Look no further than this beautiful concoction.

Rum Bongo

Rum Bongo blog

It doesn’t get much more laid back than the beach-inspired Rum Bongo. Just beware, one sip can trigger daydreams of palm trees and swimming pools.

Strawberry Woo Woo

Strawberry Woo Woo blog

Silly name, outstanding drink. Perfect for the summer party lover who likes getting fruity. As in strawberries, you cheeky bugger.

Summer Julep

Summer Julep blog

The Julep originates in the southern states of America, and this tasty twist adds a touch of sweetness to the mix. Get drinkin’ y’all! Or something.

The Jammy B*stard

The Jammy Bstard

This cheekily-named little devil is an intoxicating mix of Absolut, Chambord, apple juice and blackberries. If there is one cocktail that will really get the party started, it’s this.

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