Some things just work. Don’t question it. Just leave your food morals at the door and dig in. Fussy folk, look away now.

1. Bacon and ice cream

Because sometimes a fry up just isn’t enough. The American cook David Lebovitz, candied strips of bacon and even added a splash of dark rum. Our kinda guy.

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2. Strawberries and Blue Cheese (and everything else)

Don’t just leave strawberries for dessert. Strawberries go surprisingly well with basically everything and anything including balsamic vinegar, pepper and chilli. Eating your 5 a day just got a whole load more fun.

3. Banana and Bacon

The saltiness of the bacon is absorbed into the moist banana for a sweet but salty taste (sorry we said moist). So it kind of means bacon is good for you. What we’re really trying to say is bacon is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and midnight snack.

4. Coca Cola and Chicken

Taking the coke float to the next level. The coke caramelises leaving a sweet, sticky sauce. GET IN MY BELLY.


5. Guinness and chocolate

You thought there was nothing better than chocolate cake didn’t you? Add guinness and you’ve got possibly the most moist thing you’ve ever had in your mouth (sorry we said moist again).

6. Mango and Chilli Powder

Mango with chilli powder is a Mexican classic, served with a squeeze of lime.  

7. Fizzy Orange and Barbecue Sauce

Every 90′s kids will remember Kel banging on about orange soda. But he missed out on this trick. Combine 1/3 Fanta to 2/3 of your barbecue marinade then coat it over your meat before you start cooking it. 


8. Chocolate and Olives

Apparently this one’s a bit of an aphrodisiac. But it also tastes pretty damn good.

9. Wotsits and Burgers

Our Smokin Bacon burger has got it all: cheddar cheese, bacon, BBQ fried onions, smokinnaise, chorizo ketchup, oh and Wotsits. Because that’s just how we roll.

10. Vodka and pretty much anything
Vodka salsa is all over our menu: on the vodka chicken pizza, a side for our Spicy Pork Bon Bons and a dip for Sweet Potato Wedges. When you love vodka as much as we do, it’s only natural.

There’s even more to get your mouth around on our menu, including a burger involving popping candy. Yes, you read that correctly. Get yourself booked in and start nomming.

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