It’s official, we are a nation of prosecco lovers.

Birthday treat? Have a glass of prosecco.
Passed your driving test? Have a glass of prosecco.
It’s a Tuesday night? Have a glass of prosecco.
Celebrating 2 years sober? Have a glass of prosecco.

Because nothing screams party quite like the sweet and sparkly delight we call prosecco. But, if merely sipping on the stuff isn’t enough for you, then you NEED these absolutely awesome prosecco products in your life, pronto.

Prosecco candles

Throw away your cinnamon gingerbread-scented candle. Get in the bin vanilla. Move over lavender. There’s a new kid on the block.

It’s all about prosecco-scented candles now, peeps. Get with the times and buy here.

*adds to basket*

Prosseco lip balm

You may have heard of gin and tonic flavoured lip products, so the prosecco-lovers amongst you will be overjoyed to know that prosecco-flavoured lip balms also exist.

EOS lip balm is so 2017, this is where it’s at. Buy yours here, then hurry back and give us a kiss!

Prosecco-flavoured sweeties

Prosecco gummies. Prosecco chocolate truffles. Prosecco lollipops.

Prosecco is definitely the latest flavour trend in the confectionery.

And may we say, we are HERE for it. Pass them our way. (Buy them here first).

Prosecco reed diffuser

The only thing better than sitting in and drinking prosecco all night is sitting in and smelling prosecco all night, AMIRITE?

Say hello to a sparkling wine scent with delicate floral notes and hints of vanilla – such a sweet treat. Chanel, who? BUY HERE!

Prosecco-flavoured mayonnaise

Yep, we’re as confused as you are.

Apparently, prosecco-flavoured mayo is a thing. You can buy it here, yum.

Rumour has it Aldi will be selling fizz-infused cocktail sausages this year too. It’s a far cry from the trusty ol’ Lincolnshire, or good old Hellman’s, but hey – great for fizz lovers!

We’re still on the fence with these to be honest, not 100% sure…

But, we’re 100% sure that you should get your mitts on our amazing Revs Card!

Get £5 glasses of prosecco DAILY with a Revolution Card.

PLUS, loads of other awesome deals on all of your favourite drinks brands. And did we mention it’s all year long? YEAH! Where do we sign?

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