We all love the stuff, but there are some weird facts about food that blow our minds every time. Here are our top 30 facts:

1. Tomato ketchup was used as a medicine in the 1800s. At the time was known as ‘Paracetomato’. Possibly.

2. Consuming large amounts of nutmeg can make you hallucinate. We’re pretty sure that’s where the phrase ‘off your nut’ comes from. Maybe.


3. SPAM is short for ‘spiced ham’. It’s much less fun to say too.

4. Until the 16th century, carrots were actually purple. We suspect that they were still equally boring though.

5. There was once a pizza that cost over £1000. And the price didn’t include delivery. To be fair, we’d want it fed to us by unicorns at that price.


6. Humans are born craving chocolate. So that means our need for chocolate is actually genetic and we cannot deny genetics. THANK U SCIENCE.

7. Ripe cranberries will bounce like rubber balls. Ripe watermelons will not.

8. Chocolate was once used as currency. So THAT’S where the idea for those chocolate coins came from.

9. The teabag was created by accident. A wonderful, wonderful accident.


10. Eating bananas can help fight depression. Unlike eating an all day breakfast in a tin, which can actually cause depression.*

*This is just a joke.

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