Your lunch hour is a precious commodity.

Not only does it provide you with 60 minutes respite from the horrors of employment, it also brings with it another incredible outcome – you’re going to eat food.

But with only one hour to eat and so many options to choose from, it’s an hour fraught with excitement, tension, anxiety and big decisions.


‘Work is awful. Lunch will be my saviour’

When it’s a Monday morning and you’re struggling to cope with work, lunch hour feels like the shining light of an angel come to take you away to a better place.

‘What form will my salvation take?’

As lunch time approaches, you start to excite yourself with all of the culinary possibilities that await you. The choice is overwhelming, and when you’ve finally decided that you’re going to treat yourself to a Deep-Fried Jalapeno Beef Demon Burrito (or whatever), a scary realisation sets in.

‘There’s no way I’ve got time for that’

The walk to the food vendor. The queue. The preparation. The consumption of the food. It all takes time, and you don’t have that much of it. Especially if you want to enjoy it properly. The nightmare begins.

‘There’s no way I can afford that’

It’s a Monday and you’re already treating yourself to £12 worth of burrito you can’t afford. What if you did this everyday? YOU’D BANKRUPT YOURSELF WITH BURRITOS! This can’t happen.

‘I’ll hit the gym later’

Lunch is your escape from work into a world of flavour, so no one can blame you for wanting to indulge in it. That’s why it’s so damn hard pick up a cold, soggy refrigerated salad for lunch instead of something you actually want to eat. It’s fine though. You’ll DEFINITELY hit the gym later.

‘Screw it – I deserve to eat something nice’

This is the moment you’ve decided that you need to approach lunch with reckless abandon. You work damn hard and you deserve a damn good lunch, right? Onwards you go my friend, enjoy the culinary delights that await you.

‘Damn….this is taking too long’

You’ve committed to going somewhere nice for lunch, and all of your worst nightmares begin to come true. The queue is too long. You finally order, and it’s taking ages. Oh no. You’re going to get like, 2 minutes to eat it. It’s game over.

‘I feel sick’

You shouldn’t have eaten something so heavy so quickly. But what else could you do? Your lunch hour is only so long, after all. (Well, it’s exactly an hour, to be precise).

‘I’ll stick to a sandwich tomorrow’

You admit defeat. Work is work, and your lunch hour is only given to you to fulfil a legal requirement, not for you to have fun. Take in an egg and cress sandwich and get on with it.

‘I’m hungry again’

It doesn’t matter how much you eat at lunch. It’s as if being really bored burns up energy, ‘cause by 5pm, you’re ready to go again.

The ideal lunch at work is like an episode of Game Of Thrones where nothing bad happens – it feels like it could be possible, but it simply doesn’t exist.

Or does it?

Pop into visit us from 12 – 3pm and we’ll serve you up the lunch you’re looking for in less than 15 minutes. And that’s not just fancy wording – that’s actually a legit guarantee. If we take any longer than that, you can have it for free.

Or you can play it safe with an egg and cress sandwich. It’s totally up to you.

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