Look out your window.

Can you see marvellous mountains looming over majestic lochs? Craggy castles and lush rolling hills? Isolated wild beaches that feel like your very own deserted island?

No? Not even a lil’ bit?

Well, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life or anything, but it sounds like you need to move to the Hebrides ASAP. And to give you the necessary push you need to start packing your bags, here are the Scottish Highlands in all their STUNNING beauty.



Looking over Bay MacNeil to the small isles of Muck and Rum. #ardnamurchan

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Right, if looking at those clear blue waters has left you a lil’ bit emotional ‘cause you’ve wasted your entire life NOT living in Scotland…

We’re completely with you, and we’ve set up a why-didn’t-we-move-here-earlier support group that’ll meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2. Isle of Skye

Now, we don’t know about you, but we’re just going to keep telling ourselves that this is some next level Photoshop, so we don’t have to admit that THIS is actually Scotland and not some scene from Lord of the Rings.  

BTW, it’s not Photoshop at all. Not even close.

3. Bienn Lora

Not sure how to say the name of this wonderful coastal town? Well, it’s pretty easy actually, just pronounce it like ‘TRAV-EL GOALS’.

4. Niest Point

So, let’s just get this straight. Scotland gets rivers of Irn-Bru, the title of most beautiful country in the world, AND now it gets the Sun too?!

This just isn’t fair.

5. Shieldaig

Everything we know about cocktails. Both kidneys. Our entire 300-strong Beanie Baby collection.

Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just listing everything we’d give to live in that house.


That Waterfall In Skye

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Yes, that’s a waterfall. A lush AF waterfall in Scotland. A waterfall with so many tropical vibes it could be in an advert for Red Stripe.

9. Binnean Beag

When you can see the rain closing in and there's still a long way down! ☔ The curved ridge of Binnein Beag. #blackleafadventures

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This is getting truly ridiculous now.

We’re half expecting Jon Snow to appear and start doing battle with some pesky White Walkers.

10. Inverness

Picture perfect Inverness taken by @faulander ? #Inverness #Scotland #VisitScotland #ScotSpirit #LoveScotland

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We always thought we could only feel love towards a perfectly mixed cocktail, yet here we are, falling completely head-over-heels in love with the beauty of Inverness.

In fact, we love this quaint town SO much,  we’ve booked the movers, labelled every last box FRAGILE (because we don’t trust said movers) and brought the kitchen sink. Why? We’re bringing our own brand of brilliant shizz with our… Inverness bar and restaurant!

That’s right, we’re talking the most dazzling handcrafted cocktails, a truly spectacular food menu, and extraordinary parties you just can’t say no to.

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