Food is just, like, the best thing ever.

Seriously. It’s probably the one thing all human beings can agree on.

Can you imagine if you met somebody who just wasn’t that bothered about food? In fact, don’t imagine it. The thought alone is too depressing.

Instead, let’s just nod our heads in agreement over these memes, which are hilarious and totally true in equal measure.

Then, we’ll go get some food. Agreed?


Because you care about what goes into your body, and sugary drinks are just too much.


Avocados are total divas, and we wouldn’t have them any other way.


Proof that precise word use is a matter of life or death.


When it comes down to it, life is mostly just waiting for your next meal.


‘I don’t know why I’m even dining with you, as you clearly have no idea what I’m about’.


For some, sharing dishes is the best way to enjoy food with a group.

For others, it’s a living hell in which you can never be sure how much food you’re actually going to end up with.


It’s best to diet in a dark room with absolutely no human contact for as long as possible to avoid this kind of situation.


‘Say no more – as your friend, I will gladly relieve you of this most delicious burden’.


Never let go of this friend. You’ve found someone who truly cares for you.


It is too late. You have already been consumed by the dark forces of hunger.

You know, anyone can prove their love for food with dank memes.

We wanted to do something really special.

That’s why we’ve just revamped our food menu with a whole load of delightful new dishes that you absolutely have to pay your respects too.

Check it out here, and get salivating with venomous hunger.

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