One of the greatest challenges at uni, after staying awake during 10am lectures, is making your money last. That student loan won’t keep you going forever, despite what you think when the money lands in your account and you start  doing a “Ke$ha” (brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack).

There’s plenty of money saving tips out there. There’s this guy, an expert on saving money called Martin, who’s ready and waiting with sensible suggestions. But we’re thinking outside the box. Ok, fine we got cray…

1.Buy a Revolution Privilege Card

For just £4 you get £100 worth of food and drink vouchers, amazing discounts all year, FREE good times pants and the chance to be rent free for a term! Just share a pic of your pants, using #PantsPals, nominating a mate to do the same and you could win a whole term’s student rent! Find out more here.


2. Share a bath.

Possibly not one to suggest during Freshers’ week with your new BFF. Test the water first (pardon the pun), see if that’s their kind of thing. Failing that, light some candles, bang on the Barry White and get romantic.

3. Knit your own clothes out of dog hair

It’s a real thing, there’s books on it. You just need a dog.


4. Mint for tea

Use toothpaste as an after dinner mint. It can be your thing. Everyone needs a thing.


5. Get crafty

Ikea and Hollyoaks have made you think that your uni room should be a kooky mix of items from reindeer coat hooks to street art from Vietnam and mugs that perfectly categorise your personality. A look that’s surprisingly expensive to achieve. So instead of flowers on your desk, create a crisp packet rose. Job done.

6. Don’t buy toilet roll.

7. Freshers’ fair

Even if you’re not a fresher, there’s plenty of free stuff to be found at the freshers’ fair, especially if you’re committed enough to attend each society, at least once.

8. Burn your lecture notes

For warmth. A guy’s gotta do what a guys gotta do.

giphy (7)

9. Buy things that cost less.

We know, it’s a ground breaking idea.

10. Go to bed early.

Balls to that.

See you at the bar x

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