The past is mainly a source of embarrassment for everyone involved.


Three-quarter jeans. Emo fringes. Jedward. Eurgh.


It’s just the way life works. We decide something terrible is acceptable, and before we can take it back it’s become part of history and we’ve just got to try and live with it and forget about it.


However, there are some cultural phenomena that, upon reflection, were actually a pretty good idea.


To prove it, here are 10 TV shows we’d totally welcome back to the present.


Kenan & Kel

These guys took clumsiness to absurd new heights, and somehow managed to last 4 awesome seasons without that poor shop owner guy ever pressing charges against them for repeatedly destroying his store.


It was stupid, silly, unbelievable and ridiculous, making it one of the most fun shows on TV. Perfect hungover viewing.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: ‘Hey, hot sexy momma, if you please to take a look at my hot studly bod, then I may have the pleasure of you wanting to be my number one main squeeze…’

How was this a kids show again ?

You won’t have really noticed when you were younger, but the basic premise of the entire show is watching a pathologically vain guy try and get lucky. That’s it. He just goes around shamelessly hitting on girls using every inappropriately vulgar pick up line in the book.

And it’s hilarious. This needs to come back, but it should just drop the pretense that it was EVER made for kids.


This is the show that made David Hasselhoff famous, so it’s obviously not getting any five star reviews from The Guardian any time soon.

It might be awful by any sane person’s standards, but in terms of fun, chilled-out viewing that made you feel like the world is really nice place to be in, Baywatch totally nailed it.

Beaches, blue skies and Pamela Anderson running around in a bikini. Yeah, we don’t hear you complaining.

Saved by the Bell

A gritty and realistic depiction of inner-city high school life this wasn’t. But it sure as hell was fun.

This was one of the few shows that actually made high school look like a place you wanted to be.

After all, in what crazy ideal world does the coolest kid (Zach) in school hang out on the regular with the biggest loser (Screech)?

Plus, it’s ridiculously stylish. Fashion has come around full-circle and those whacky 80’s styles are IN.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Screw Harry Potter. That guy takes magic too seriously.

He needs to take a leaf out of Sabrina’s book and have a bit more of a laugh with it.

The magical banter in Sabrina’s household was off the scale, thanks to the inclusion of a talking cat and two wacky aunts who were WAYYYY more funny than James and Lily Potter.

Okay, that was a bad taste joke. We take it back. Kind of.

Happy Days

The Fonz. Fonzie. Henry Winkler’s iconic, ultra-cool smooth-talking, jukebox-smacking character is the only proof we need that this show deserves to come back.

The Crystal Maze

Okay, okay, we know what you’re going to say.

‘But The Crystal Maze IS coming back, this article needs to check its facts!’

Yeah yeah yeah, we know. But they’re bringing it back with David Tenant hosting, and that’s not good enough for us.

We want it back with that creepy flute-playing bald dude in charge. He was the essence of The Crystal Maze, and it just won’t be the same without him.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This is the show that made Will Smith. Or maybe it was the other way around.

What we do know is that this show was absolutely quality. It had the power to make you laugh and cry in equal measure, and it’s probably the only show ever that can make a whole room full of people start rapping with a single sentence…

….’now this is the story all about how….


The 90s were a time of discovery, of boundless experimentation and innocence.

That’s why this crazy TV show ever got the chance to exist.

It was a prehistoric sitcom set during the age of dinosaurs that depicted the life of a blue-collar family of anthropomorphic dinos going about their daily lives.

And it was incredible. Especially that pink little baby who was always beating on his dad.

All Grown Up

Just kidding. This was horrible. They mangled a beloved kids TV show by forcing all of the principle characters to start puberty and become creepy looking versions of their former selves.

We’re chuffed to bits that history swallowed this travesty whole.

Just look at that GIF above – how the hell is that supposed to be TOMMY PICKLES!? Ew.

Well, we ended that countdown on a low-note, just to throw a bit of a curveball at you.

So, in order to lighten the mood again, we’ve got one last reminder for you that old-school is sometimes awesome.

We’ve just introduced three ridiculously nostalgic Old-School Awesome Vodka Flavours to our menu.

Meet Blackjack, Dandelion & Burdock and Rhubarb & Custard.

Now that’s what you call a blast from the past.

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