To get you in that festival spirit, here are the 10 types of people you only find at festivals. You know who you are…

1. The girl who sits on her boyfriend’s shoulders for an entire set, without a top on.


2. The weirdo who wants a sip from your water bottle. No you can’t, you dirty stranger.


3. The iphone recorder.  Put the phone down FFS. Just thank god it’s not an ipad.


4. The overly PDA couple. No that hand is not ok there… or there!


5. The loner with 1 shoe, scouring the crowd with no hope whatsoever. Give up already.


7.  Mr alternative. He heard this band years ago. They’re SO commercial now.


8. The not so tough mudders.


9. The dad dancers, totally rad ravers, and fist pumpers.


10. The girl at the centre of the toilet rumours.


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