1. Your Instagram feed is dedicated to food. Forget selfies. Forget friends. Your plate is the prettiest thing on the table and deserves its instagram status

2.Reading a recipe is like reading 50 shades of grey to you. Pure filth.

3. Manners maketh man. But when there’s one piece of cake left, anything goes.  And you’re not even sorry.

4.10 second rule? You don’t live a life governed by rules and good food should not be wasted, no matter how long its been on the pavement.

5. Your internet search history reads like the a-z of the best restaurants in town. You ain’t going anywhere until you’ve checked out their Facebook, Twitter, reviews and photo gallery. It’s just common sense!

6. Friend’s photos of babies on Facebook… BORING. A double beef burger basted in bourbon chipotle sauce stacked with bacon, American cheese, vine tomatoes and onion rings. Served with a mug of Cajun dusted skin-on fries, now that’s the stuff that makes your heart melt ( Thank god it’s on our menu)

 7. The idea of dieting brings you out in a hot sweat.

 8. Every aspect of your day revolves around food and every decision you make is motivated by your belly. It’s a miracle you can hold down a job with these kind of distractions. It’s a serious problem!

 9. Pinterest is basically a place for you to stare longingly at food.

 10.    Tinder doesn’t just give you more of a chance of meeting the love of your life, it means more meals out and even better more chance of a free meal! There’s only one thing better than food and that’s free food. ( And yes you will admit that once maybe even twice the date didn’t stand a chance from the beginning but you really fancied some good grub).

Need a food fix? Check out our food menu and book a table to sample our culinary delights.

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