Look, you probably know all about the extraordinary parties we throw and the way we mix, muddle and shake the most perfect cocktail blends, but take it from us, our food menu is also chock full of massive tastes.  

In fact, we’re convinced that the people of Torquay are going to fall completely head over heels in love with the tasty bites of our bar menu. While we may not have many (fine, any) scones or Cornish pasties, what we’re bringing with us is some seriously good eats.

So without further ado, here are the dishes that we’re sure you lovely people are gonna go totally WILD for at Revolution Torquay.

Masala King Burger

We know full well that Torquay is anything but ordinary, so for our Masala King burger, we’ve done away with the bog-standard sesame seed bun – instead, wrapping a spicy beef patty in a beautiful buttery naan bread, for a burger that’s as exotic as it is meaty.

Classic Steak Sandwich

Brilliant rump steak. Beautiful pretzel roll bread. A town considered the best of Britain deserves a best of British dish.

*hums God Save The Queen*

Short Rib and Ale Pie

The type of dish that will have you telling your mum you’re not coming round for Sunday dinner anymore.

Tender beef, the lightest puff pastry lid, and a choice of delicious trimmings all topped with our rich ale gravy. Sorry Mum.

Bean Dreamin’

A recent poll reported that more than 70% of Torquay’s population identifies as vegetarian,* so we just had to bring our delicious, flavour-packed sweet potato and bean burger topped with beetroot, houmous and vodka salsa.

*Poll figures may be exaggerated or completely fabricated.   

Nutella Fluffwich

We do apologise, images like this should really come with a mature content warning. Our Nutella Fluffwich is a decadently sweet combo of marshmallow fluff and Nutella sandwiched in deep-fried brioche.

BRB, we’re just going to hand-scoop Nutella straight from the jar.

Halloumi Wrap

The people of Torquay are a right trendy bunch, so we’ve created the perfect dish to match. Delicately pan-fried halloumi, houmous, rose harissa, all wrapped up with crisp baby-gem lettuce.

*Shudders from cheese excitement*

Pepperoni Pizza

*Continues to shudder from intense cheese excitement*

Superfood Salad with Boiled Eggs

To show you guys that healthy food totally doesn’t have to be boring AF, we’re also bringing more tasty superfoods than you’ve ever even heard of. Shout out to avocado, quinoa, lentils, wheatberries and soya beans, all to make you feel bloomin’ fantastic.

Fish and Chips

Does it get much better than perfectly battered fish, fat chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce right by the seaside?

We. Think. Not.

MAKE YOUR OWN Burger… OR pizza!

If you’re the type of person who watches Masterchef religiously and happens to be that close with your palate that it has its own name (Peter, obvs), then you probs don’t need our suggestions.

Instead, you can invent your own burger or pizza using our MASSIVE list of toppings, and we’ll even get a Greg Wallace impersonator to rate your creation!*

*We probably won’t.


We apologise if you’re absolutely starvin’ right now (we definitely are), but before you know it, we’ll be open in Torquay and you can start working your way through our world of massive tastes.

The best bit? This list is just a tiny snapshot of our full delicious menu.


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