Now, this may shock you, but when it comes to tennis, we’re not exactly what you’d call experts.

Muddling, mixing, and shaking cocktails? We’re all over it.

Posh people in expensive shorts playing ‘no you have it’ with a ball for three hours? Not so much.

And yet, despite not really understanding why the man in the high chair keeps pronouncing his LOVE for Andy Henman, we can definitely get behind a sport that produces this many LOLs.

From fails, falls, and balls to the face, these are the hilarious moments that, if you’re as clueless as us, make the Wimbledon Grand Prix a must-watch this year.

The Line judge lays an egg

We have SO many questions, but just off the top of our head…

Can you do it again? Was it free range? Have you thought about a name?

Someone needs a hug

Tennis players just straight-up hate their rackets. Like, really hate them. It’s just kind of normal by this point.

But in the case of Mikhail Youzhny, he doesn’t just hate his racket. He hates his face too.

Don’t go breaking my chair

Oh, Elton.

Look, absolutely no-one wants to watch an elderly superstar fall backwards in a folding chair.

Actually, stuff that, ’cause we haven’t been able to stop watching. Maybe Elton and Mikhail can hug it out?

This hysterical attempt at a serve

We’ve been told that this serve is all wrong.

We’ve also been told to remind you that this is supposed to be a professional serve, from a professional player. And then to make a snide joke about her just having a mate in the crowd she was trying to hit. In the face. 

We’re getting better at this, right?

Taking racket abuse to a whole new level

Here Nick Kyrgios destroys not one, not two, but THREE of his rackets –  because presumably, the man in the high chair didn’t say he loved him.

You know, there are probably three kids somewhere who would do anything for a tennis racket. They are probably trying to return volleys with their faces, and serve with their forearms. Great work, Nick. God, think of the kids for once. 

I must go, my people need me

The sweet karmic justice with this one makes it almost too much to take.

This racket, after suffering years of abuse, makes a daring escape in a story which, if turned into a film, would make approximately 5 billion dollars.

A rare ball boy malfunction

In an intense four minutes of tennis research, we were surprised to learn that the dead-eyed ball boys and girls are all actually solar-powered animatronic robots.

They never tire, never need a water break, and never lose their sh*t when one of the players throws a sweaty towel over their head. Yup, definitely robots.

Here, one of the robots has a cognitive malfunction and if you look closely, you can even see a bit of oil leaking from its ‘head’.

If you can dodge a wrench

Okay, this is weird. It seems that to become a line judge you don’t just have to watch Dodgeball on repeat in a 36-hour stint. You actually have to go to some sort of tennis-line-judging school. Weird. 

However, it’s pretty obvious that this poor line judge completely forgot her basics: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and obvs, dodge. Ouch. 

R.I.P Stan the pigeon

Aspiring tennis player. Father of 57 squabs. Friend to many.

Stan, you will be avenged.

Bad hair play

When Caroline Wozniacki’s hair decided to get involved in one of her matches, we couldn’t help but be reminded of that boring friend who tries to stop you getting another round of tequila slammers on a night out.

Next time it happens, you call Rachel out for being the absolute plait-in-the-racket she is. SO unnecessary. 


While all this might be hilarious, you’re not really going to watch Wimbledon are you?

Don’t risk becoming addicted to tennis like your Nan, and book a table with us instead.

We’ve got ace food, tunes that make a right old racket, and even a cocktail perfect for Wimbledon, with no spreading yourself on Henman Hill required. Whatever the hell that means.

Our Strawberry Spritz is delish, served up with Ketel One vodka, Aperol, and even a healthy dose of strawberry jam. It’s is refined, refreshing, and guaranteed to get you shouting ‘Come on Tim! Andy!’ all night long. 

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