1.Telling a few little lies in a game of “I’ve never,” because you don’t want to be the only one who’s never had a threesome on the top of a mountain in South America.

2. Saying you’re on a diet but then secretly scoffing chocolate.

3. Having a sneaky peak at your partners Facebook inbox when they leave it logged on. And justifying it by saying that it was so quick that it doesn’t even count.

4. Claiming to have read books that you’ve actually only watched the film of.

5. Pretending to text when really you’re taking a selfie.

6. Spending a little bit too long scrolling through your own photos to remind yourself that at least you look fun even if you’re not fun.

7. Accidentally sending a cheeky snapchat to the wrong person.

8. Constantly refreshing your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Something interesting IS going to happen. Now. Ok now. Now?

9. Pretending you didn’t get that text but you totally did. And missing the days of your Nokia 3210 when it was so much easier to avoid people.

10. Adding a few additional made-up details to a story to make it more interesting.

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