1. When the Elf fancied a boozy game of poker but was really just pretending to know the rules. (Does anyone actually know what goes on in a game of poker? ANYONE?!)

2. When the Elf just wanted a little private time with a hot babe

3. When the Elf thought ‘Sod it it’s Christmas, let’s relive our first year of uni…’

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. The party goes on. #elfontheshelfday13 #2016 #adultelfontheshelf #elfpong

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4. The time the Elf sabotaged a work colleague’s toast in the communal office kitchen

Lost my appetite thanks…. #adultelfontheshelf

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5. The time Elf left his Vape pen at home…

6. The time Elf thought he could keep a prawn korma and ten Jäegerbombs down. We’ve all been there hun.

7. When the Elf wanted to play a little game

8. The time the Elf said what we were all thinking

9. That time the Elf went wild with a sibling’s toothbrush

Tim’s made an enemy.. #elfontheshelf #adultelfontheshelf #gladthatsnotmytoothbrush #christmas #christmas2016

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10. When the Elf went FULL Christmas and just completely gave up on life

If you can totally relate to most of these elves this Christmas, you’re already doing it right.

If you can’t? Well my friend, you’re probably not partying enough.

Book a Christmas party or festive dinner with us, and we’ll soon take care of that.

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