Okay, so everybody loves saving a penny or two after the festive period. But sometimes it can all get a bit much. Sharing bathwater? Reusing tea bags? NO MORE.

We’re calling out the money saving habits that are all wrong. Sit back, and be ready for some LOLs.

1 – Skin as soft as a cat’s bum?

“If you’re low on cash, but skincare is still important, try using cat litter as a gentle exfoliant. Some brands even come with a refreshing scent, and when paired with a moisturiser make a great budget alternative to an otherwise expensive routine.”

Um, we don’t even know what to say. Apart from, NO thanks?


2 – Kiss goodbye to cold feet forever!

“Sounds a little odd but works like a charm. If you’ve got cold feet (or need to go outside) but don’t have any slippers, simply fashion some from ladies sanitary towels and a bit of sellotape.”

Hold on, does this one not work with MEN’S sanitary towels?


3 – Happy Birthday Jesus!

“Christmas wrapping paper is yet another thing we needlessly splurge on during the holidays. Save yourself the cash by using birthday paper you already have in the house, and just writing ‘Jesus’ after each ‘Happy Birthday’. Also works with cards!”

Yes, works brilliantly with both. Thanks a lot for that.


4 – Don’t waste money on expensive kids’ toys

“Got a child or young relative with a birthday coming up? No need to splash out on pricey toys that they’ll quickly get bored of – simply cut up the front of a cereal packet to make a jigsaw.”

Not to sound ungrateful, but pretty sure we’d disown a relative for presenting us with a 1000-piece Rice Puff special.


5 – Eagle eyed

“Don’t waste money on expensive binoculars. Simply move closer to the object you wish to view”

S’actually a pretty logical suggestion.


6 – Frugal or just light-fingered?

“I find the best way to get two bottles of washing-up liquid for the price of one is by putting one in your shopping trolley and the other in your coat pocket.”

Er, pretty sure that’s illegal? Money-savers, don’t try this at home!


7 – Warm hands, warm heart

“Handwarmers cost a fortune down the shops – and they never last Used teabags make a fantastic replacement. Just pop one or two in a sandwich bag, tie it shut and slip into your gloves.”

What next? Toast makes fantastic toilet roll?


8 – Penny-pinchers in a spin

“You don’t need to waste money buying a whisk. Just sellotape two forks together and hey presto! They work brilliantly, and your cakes will be light and airy!”

My cakes thank you, truly they do.


9 – Genuine chocolate face?

“If you want a glow, but don’t want to splash out on a bronzer, just dab your makeup brush into some hot chocolate powder and sweep it over your cheeks. It looks very similar – just don’t be tempted to lick your face!”

Lost. For. Words.


10 – Cor, what a rice pair!

“Boost your cleavage by creating your own chicken fillets. Instead of buying expensive bra fillers, create your own by filling a pop sock with rice. They mould perfectly to your body, and you can make them as big or small as you like.”

Pamela Anderson, eat your (rice) heart out.


11 – Never lose your way again

“If you can’t afford a satnav, don’t panic – you can still avoid getting lost. Before you set off, write down each direction for your journey on a Post-It note. Stick each note on your steering wheel, starting with the last direction at the bottom. As you drive along, you can peel off each one as you go. Cheap and easy.”

We aren’t making these up, we swear.


12 – Shots fired

“If you and your mates love doing shots but don’t have the fancy glasses, don’t worry. Simply save the tops off your mouthwash, then pour out your choice of tipple into the rinsed-out lids. They hold just the right amount and are completely free!”

Fortunately for you, we have plenty of shot glasses. Come and try some of our Handcrafted Flavours, and forget about these terrible money-saving tips.


If you’re not a tight-fisted penny-pincher like the people above, but you still wanna save money, we’ve got just the thing. Throughout January, we’re giving you 50% off EVERYTHING on our food menu. So if you can bite it, chomp it, chew it or nibble it, it’s only gonna cost you half the price. Yay!


You’ve gotta book in advance (unless you’re a super duper Revolution Card holder) so don’t forget – book your table today and tell your mates it’s discount dinner time!

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