The Revolution Card isn’t the only way you can feel like a big deal on a student budget. We’ve put together a list of the ways a student can transcend the limits of their overdraft and become the biggest VIP in town (or, at least it’ll look that way).

  1. Waitrose fraud.

Go to Waitrose at closing time. Buy every item with a yellow discount sticker. Immediately proceed to remove the yellow stickers. Check you out – everyone will now think you casually shop at Waitrose. If that isn’t a sign you’ve made it, we don’t know what is.

  1. Ideologically re-package your awful student diet.

Flatmate: Are you alright, mate? You’ve been eating beans straight from the tin all week?

You: (sigh deeply) I didn’t expect you to understand. I’m actually on a high-protein, gluten-free vegetarian diet. Believe me, it’s all the rage in Shoreditch.

  1. Charity shop style.

You could spend a tenner at Primark and look like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. OR, you could spend a tenner buying the cheapest clothes at the charity shop and seeing what you end up with. As long as you own the style, you can pull literally anything off. Oh, this 2-piece beige Reebok tracksuit? Yeah, it’s a postmodern 90’s revival thing. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Drink Classy.

Got Vodka? Throw in some celery, tomato juice and Tabasco sauce and you’ve got yourself a Canadian Caesar cocktail. Yeah, it might taste a little savory and weird, but it’s uncommon and people will totally think you’re a world weary adventurer. Hey, no one said being cool was going to be easy.

Alternatively, head over to Revolution and sample some seriously quirky cocktails that are a lot easier on the taste buds.

  1. Dance, Dance, Dance!

Michael Jackson. Beyonce. Elvis Presley. They all go to show that nothing is cooler than being able to dance. Believe us – if you can pull off a moonwalk, NO ONE will notice the holes in your shoes.

  1. Make friends in the right places.

Trying to get pally with an 8ft-tall Viking of a bouncer might seem like a daunting task, but it’ll be totally worth it when they let you and your mates jump the queue.

  1. Don’t be on time. Be cool.

Being fashionably late is free, and it makes it look like you’ve always got something better to do. You think Prince ever shows up anywhere on time? Of course not, and neither should you.

  1. Don’t walk anywhere.

You’re better than that. Uber taxis are so affordable that it’s genuinely feasible for you and your crew to never walk again. Cool people ‘pull up’ at the club – they don’t ‘hobble over after a mile long trek from student halls’.

  1. Spotify Free-mium.

You’re at a party. Someone wants to listen to Nelly’s old school anthem ‘Ride Wit Me’. You whip out your phone and say ‘hey, why don’t you use my Spotify Premium?’. Everyone stands back in awe of your limitless musical power. Little do they know of the ingenious, deftly executed email fraud you’ve been pulling off in order to repeat the monthly free trial.

  1. Go to Revolution.

By far the easiest way to feel like a big deal within your limited financial means is to pop into your closest Revolution bar. We’re a perfect blend of class and affordability, so skip the moonwalking and come straight to us. Considering that the Revolution Card only costs £4 and gives you access to LOADS of awesome discounts (2-4-1 cocktails, anyone?) as well as a free pair of ‘big deal’ pants, you’ve really got no excuse not to feel like a million bucks.

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