Now, we don’t want to alarm you, but there are people out there who are mixing and matching prints willy nilly, with no regard for the age-old rules of the wardrobe. And they are not just fancy-pants fashion bloggers. Real women are wearing spots with stripes, zebra with tiger print and floral with even more floral.

And they’re looking awesome doing it.

So, let’s join these renegades, these misfits, these rebels of the catwalk . Let’s shake off the shackles of “does this really go?” and wear what we want, with whatever else the hell we want.

Long live the wardrobe mash up. Clash is fash. Freedom to the polka dot.

Are you really going out like that? Yes. Yes I am.

Go big or go home.



Getting your print size right is crucial to steppng up your clash A-game. Make a statement with a big print and mix it up with something more detailed and contrasting. Not only are big prints super flattering, you’ll start to see your wardrobe in a whole new light…

Colour co-ordinate your clash.



If you’re new to the world of contrast, a safe place to start is with a theme. Let colour be your guide. In no time at all you’ll be wearing neon with leopard like a total print pro. Baby steps ladies, baby steps.

Keep it simple.



Clashing prints doesn’t have to mean a busy outfit. Keep the whole look sleek and simple by mixing monochrome stripes with polka dots. Very Parisian darling, and literally never out of fashion.

Break it up.



Just because you’re going all out on a mega print clash doesn’t mean they all have to be on top of each other. Break up with a tonal skirt or a chic belt. Start there and you can pretty much do whatever else you want.

Treat stripes as neutral.



Stripes are your staple. Like your American Apparel black tee, they go with anything. So fill your wardrobe with thin striped shirts, t-shirts, vests and skirts. And go wild with everything else.

Feels good.



Texture counts as a print in our book. So mix chiffon with silk and make sure your clothes feel as sexy as you do.

Let your accessories do the talking.


Print clash your accessories, shoes, scarves… and I never want to see another plain black handbag as long as I live. Come on now, you’re better than that.

Keep it structured.



To stop prints from overwhelming your figure choose structured, tailored shapes and put together an outfit that you can own, not one that owns you.

Ignore all of this and wear what you want.


If we are really going to adopt the philosophy of the print clash then there ain’t nobody that can tell us what to do anyway. So pick the stuff you like and wear it all at the same time.

Now, that’s how you enjoy fashion.

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