Did anybody else want to deep-fry their own hands and eat them whilst watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

No? You sure? Not even a finger tip?

Look, we’re not weird, okay. It’s just that films have some pretty strong suggestive powers, especially when it comes to food.

Don’t believe us? Well, you just try sitting through these famous on-screen movie munch-ups without thinking that your own fingers would look good in breadcrumbs on a sandwich.

Seriously, we’re warning you now. DO NOT scroll down on an empty stomach.

Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!

Okay, we know we’re all meant to be real grossed out because ‘Cooky’s blood and sweat went into that cake’ but damn, just look at it. That is the just the most intensely rich, moist, fudgiest-looking cake we’ve ever seen.

Bruce, you were a hero to an entire generation for finishing that cake.  We salute you. 

This is a tasty burger

Maybe it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s sounds of obvious pleasure, maybe it’s the ketchup peeking out of the bun, or maybe it’s just the way he says Ha-WAI-ian, but after watching this scene, we too would kill a man for a Big Kahuna burger.

WTF is ratatouille?

We don’t even care what it is, this entire film makes us want to collect all the world’s ratatouille and place it strategically in and around our open mouths. 

Let them eat cake!

This three-minute scene of pastel-coloured heaven basically has everything a little bit of everything.

And with towers of pretty macarons, petit fours and full-on gateaux piled high with fresh cream, who knew the French Revolution was so delicious?

Slimy, yet satisfying

Is this weird?

Look, you can judge us all you want, but you just try telling yourself that those plump bugs don’t look completely delicious.

Yeah, actually, on second thought, it is weird.

Wait for the cream

Awkward, terrifying, and actually, totally tummy-rumbling.

We’re not even that big on strudel, so can only assume that food looks better when served with fancy cutlery and a side of deep-rooted terror.

Easy on the onions

Look, we would never advertise prison or anything like that, but nothing gets us hot under the collar quite like the way that Italian gangster meticulously shaves the garlic.

Seriously, nothing comes close.

Ophelia’s Forbidden Feast

On the one hand, it’s probably one of the most horrifying scenes we’ve ever seen.

But on the other hand, would you just look at all those delectable goodies? Don’t worry about the pale monster at the head of the table, you get your feed on gurl.

Accio gravy! Accio roast chicken! Accio everything!

If we are ever as happy and content as Ron while he chows down on magically appearing chicken legs, we’ll have lived a good ol’ life.

Home Alone… and seriously hungry

There’s something about pizza in 90s films that really gets us going. It looks greasier. Cheesier maybe. But not for poor Kevin.

Anyone else think Buzz was a total bag of fart when he sadistically sabotaged Kev’s dinner? We would have ruthlessly tortured those burglars too.

And for the lady? Perhaps a salad?

Yeah, perhaps not.

This scene is our kind of fine dining experience, without the talk of aphrodisiacs and really big er, tongues.


You’re absolutely starving now, aren’t you?

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