Yeah, yeah. We know. We are awesome. But sometimes being this next level insanely perfect can get, well, tiring. So, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t bother visiting us.

The cocktails look sooo unrefreshing

Jar 'o' Gin

Really, how could this Jar o’ Gin be thirst quenching and delicious in any way?

And totally not exciting in any way

Page 1

Customisable cocktails with endless possible combinations and flavours? Whatevs.

And don’t get us started on the limited choice of vodka flavours

Page 37

30 flavours including Bakewell Tart and Black Pepper? Too much choice, if anything.

Then there’s the lack of variation in the food menu 


Yeah, yeah. Sharing crates full of the world’s finest street food. What’s wrong with a greasy kebab?

Just boring, unappetizing options


That image is not making us hungry IN THE SLIGHTEST.

And the desserts aren’t gooey and sweet and tasty in any way


Not bothered about eating this. At all.

The decor in the bars is just not classy enough


Who would want to sit at that bar drinking cocktails with your mates?

The views are just so uninspiring

Revolution Richmond

Picturesque views of the Thames in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere? YAWN.

And if you want a cool, sophisticated private area look elsewhere


Yeah, but that chandelier must be a bugger to clean.

Does anyone really have a properly good night at Revolution? 

Page 31

This doesn’t look like a great night out in any way, shape or form.

These people are clearly not having the time of their lives

Page 11

All of these people are obviously regretting spending their night in Revolution.

Overall, it just isn’t the kind of place you’d like.

Page 6

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