Let’s be real, there’s not many better feelings than the promise of a three-day weekend.

Not only are they completely a-mazing, but it’s also the closest you’ll ever get to the beautiful end-of-term feeling at school, when the sky was blue, summers were never-ending, and you weren’t paying National Insurance.

The problem is, time after time, we fail to make the most of the extra day when a bank holiday rolls around. So to ensure this never happens again, we’re rounding up some of the most productive ways to spend your bank holiday weekend.

1. Practice your best impression and prank call your boss. 

They’ll have an extra day to calm down and maybe not sack you for your truly terrible Australian accent.

2. And if you really hate your job, pronounce your love to a work colleague.

Then use the free day on Monday to apply for new jobs when they inevitably tell you you’re just a friend. 

3. Shave your head or get the neck tattoo you’ve always wanted.

And when it looks truly terrible, you’ll have a very necessary extra day for your hair to grow back and your tattoo to, er, fade? Yeah. Sure.

4. Finally master the acoustic guitar you’ve had for ten years.

Then promptly give up because it’s way out of tune.  

5. Buy a new acoustic guitar that definitely won’t just end up in the loft.

We’re spotting a pattern here.

6. Maybe go to A&E for the mild back pain you’ve been experiencing.

You’ve been meaning to go for months, and we’re sure it won’t be that busy on a bank holiday, right?

7. Or maybe go into town for some much needed retail therapy.

You’ve always loved big crowds, tight spaces and fighting for the last top in your size.

8. Give up on regular life and watch every single conspiracy video on YouTube.

Start at the Moon Landing, obviously, then check out the latest research on chemtrails before finishing on something about lizard people.

9. Consider enjoying the exercise, majestic views and fresh air of a country walk.

Nah. Close the curtains and stick on Countryfile instead.

10. Do all the little DIY jobs around the house you’ve been putting off.

Ah sod it, there’s probably a James Bond film on ITV2 you could be watching.

11. Fine, book a day trip to somewhere in the UK that’s probably pissing it down.

You will. Definitely. Just as soon as Die Another Day ends…

12. When the James Bond marathon is finally finished, visit loved ones you haven’t seen in ages.

Then promptly remember why you haven’t seen them in ages.

13. Spend the entire three days dreading going back to work and formulating lies to tell your colleagues about what you got up to.

It’s hard to break traditions.

14. Or, get on down to your nearest Revolution for our Big Weekend!

Unlike all these terrible ideas, our HUGE gin-themed party is going to be completely incredible!

Seriously, we’re kicking off this bank holiday weekend with a juniper-filled Happy Hour starting Friday at 5pm AND if you book in advance, we’ll give you and your mates a FREE round of our new gin cocktail specials.

Want in? Book a table today, or click here to find out about everything we’ve got planned this weekend. Go on, get ready to be properly under the ginfluence with our Big Weekend.

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