TGIF is real AF.

If you’re biding your time, waiting for the clock to magically strike 5pm, here’s a bunch of brilliant GIFs to get you in the mood. No matter your plans, each of these screams Friday feels.

Enjoy, my friend. Your weekend starts here.

Let’s kick off with a classic bit of Carlton

AND he’s Christmassy for additional Friday festivity.

Now it’s Queen Bey’s turn

Aw, something she hasn’t actually quite nailed. God loves a trier, right?

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the week

You’re on the homestretch and this woman-wearing-a-horse-head is happy for you.

Ryan Gosling’s happy for you too

Yay, thanks Ryan, LU babes.

Now it’s time to think about your plans

Lauren C. and The Hills might be totally obsolete but she’s still buzzed it’s Friday. And so are you, by now.

But we’ll just quickly put this song in your head first

If it wasn’t already there first. Don’t blame us, blame Black.

You heading out with the squad?

Then you better get your party pants on.

Maybe it’s just you and your bestie?

Sure you’ll have a riot either way.

Or even if you’re ridin’ solo tonight…


Maybe tonight’s just gonna be chill?

That’s cool. Staying in is the new going out apparently. Apparently.

Don’t freak out if you haven’t got plans

It’s not too late! Just get on Whatsapp and spread the Friday feels.

You when your boss asks you to work late tonight

No, I will absolutely not, now get away from me you reptilian humanoid.

You at 5 to 5.


Leaving work on Friday like

Adios, bitches!


And the Friday feels got you happier than this brilliant little trunk-waggling baby elephant right here.

So, this weekend make like this sloth and…

And then come get crunk with us. Book a table online and we promise to fulfil your weekend dreams!

Congratulations on making it through the week. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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