Can you feel it?  

You know. You know what we’re talking about. That feeling.

The feeling of waking up naturally every morning recently. The feeling that everybody but you is somehow sporting that healthy lacquer of a tan. The sudden, but absolutely constant need, to sit in a paddling pool with one of those Twister lollies doing absolutely nothing.

Yes – whisper it – but summer has almost arrived. And here’s every sign that tells you it’s coming.

1. You actually get to eat your lunch outside which is always a bit disappointing but the idea’s nice we guess.

There are probably around three days a year where it is preferable to eat your Meal Deal outside rather than stoically at your desk, clicking between the two websites you always browse at lunch and you’ll continue to browse at lunch for eternity. So make the most of it.

2. Everybody smells like the cheapest deodorant available.

Completely unprepared for summer’s arrival, perspiration-wise, a good 90% population pops to the Boots near work to get an emergency can of deodorant and because you’re in a panic and the sweat patches are already showing you do something ridiculous and get Lynx/Impulse and now the entire country smells of Year 10 changing rooms after a particularly vigorous game of rounders.

3. You feel it’s simply necessary to get your legs out in the office.

Is it ever really acceptable to expose your legs and/or feet to the people you work with? The people you want to respect you? The people who pay your wages? Probably not, but if you wear jeans right now you’re pretty sure you’ll fall down and die. So there’s that.

4. In fact, there’s quite a few fashion tell-tells you’re gonna start to notice.

Skinny shorts. Buttoned-up-to-the-top polo shirts. Those John Lennon style sunglasses that have been making a tentative comeback for a few years now. Once you start seeing these about, you know summer is basically here.

5. Your forehead/armpits/lower back/behind the knee haven’t been dry in weeks.


6. Your nose is peeling and your shoulders are as pink as a piece of salmon.

45 seconds in direct sunlight and boom, that’s it, you’re sun damaged for life. Sorry mate.

7. You’re in a constant haze because you’ve started to go for post-work drinks every night.

You cannot remember the last time you were completely sober. You do not remember what it is like to think straight. You do not know the joy of living a well-hydrated life…

Summer is great.

8. Sleeping has become a task so difficult you feel like you need a training day just to get your 8 hours.

Either you are slowly simmering in your own sticky perspiration or you’re woken at 4am by a sunrise or every single animal in the world has positioned themselves outside your open window and promptly chirp and growl for the next three hours.

9. Festival FOMO becomes a very real and very serious problem.

If you haven’t booked a festival this summer, get ready to feel a boiling rage when your Instagram feed is full of photos of girls wearing jean shorts and throwing up peace signs, and of course, blurry shots of a stage that apparently has the Arctic Monkeys on it, but it might as well be your dad and his mates for all you can see.

10. Public transport has become a sweltering place where all hope and goodwill goes to die.


11. You’re starting to spend at least 45% of your day browsing SkyScanner.

And the other 55% is spent browsing the Instagram of all your friends already on holiday, looking for quirky Airbnb’s to stay in and then realising you have no money so going back to the Netflix series you’ve seen three times before.

12. You scream ‘THE POLLEN! DAMN THE POLLEN!’ at least twice a day because it has turned you into a sneezing mess.

And if you’re lucky enough to not be afflicted by hayfever, you’re going to hear this scream and lots and lots of sneezing all day long.

13. Being in an office starts to feel like a punishment for mistakes you made in a past life.

You want to be wearing swimwear and giggling and having fun and eating chips and building a sandcastle and having a 100m race with a wet-from-the-sea Golden Retriever but no – no – you are sat in an office, staring at a spreadsheet, counting down the minutes until work is over, and with every minute that passes, summer is nearly over too.

14. You suddenly have an insatiable desire to consume a Solero once per hour.

We’re not saying you’d be willing to do a murder for a Solero. No. Definitely not. Surely? No. But, maybe?

15. And finally, you really know summer is here…

When we bring out our delicious Spring & Summer Specials menu!

Fresh, seasonal and straight-up delicious, these brand spanking new food specials are all you need as soon as the sun comes out to play.

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