People often say that taste is subjective but we don’t think that’s strictly true. For instance, if you were to say you loved our new Summer Specials menu, it would be pretty obvious to us that you’ve got great taste.

However, for those of you who haven’t tried our new menu yet (and WHY NOT!?), we’ve put together a simple guide to help you figure out where you lie on the taste-o-rometer. So without further ado, here’s 15 things that prove you’ve got great taste…

1. Your friends ask you for recommendations before they do anything, ever.

2. You take better selfies than Kim Kardashian BUT THEN DON’T POST THEM ALL THE TIME.

3. You’ve never bought a deep v-neck T-shirt. Simon Cowell is worth over £500 million, clearly less than £50 of that has gone towards clothes.

4. Your friends ask “What’s this song called?” when you’re playing your latest #tunes.

5. Your favorite crisps are Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations (but you secretly love Hula Hoops too).

6. You don’t watch TOWIE or Geordie Shore but you do watch Made in Chelsea because everybody knows that’s the reality show for people with great taste.

7. A celebrity has followed you on Twitter and NOT because you asked them to follow you.

8. You didn’t give into peer pressure and wear your tie like this at school.

9. Your favourite social media platforms are Snapchat and Instagram because you’re down with the kids and enjoy showing off your avocado and toast brunch.

10. You know Friends > Big Bang Theory, forever.

11. You judge supermarkets not by their price but the quality of their houmous.

12. You preferred Nickelodeon to Disney back in the day.

13. You love our cocktails.

14. You leave the Bounty and Snickers in the Celebrations box for those with inferior taste at Christmas.

15. You eat at Revolution on the reg, obviously.

So, have you passed the taste test? Just remember – the true taste maker follows their own rules.

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