Fashion is all about taking big risks and using your confidence to convince people it works.

However, there are some diabolically terrible fashion choices that no degree of confidence can compensate for.

2016 had more than a few of these corkers.

Let’s thank our lucky stars the year is nearly over and we’ll never have to see any of these travesties ever again…


Excuse us if we’re not up to speed here, but aren’t chokers just dog collars for humans?

It’s in the name for crying out loud. It doesn’t matter how colourful or quirky you make them, there’s no ignoring the fact that these look like some kind of sadomasochistic torture device.

We know you’ve got to suffer for your style. But jeez, isn’t there a line?

Flat Caps

No, that’s not a GIF of you and your squad rocking up to the club. That’s a picture of the fictional Peaky Blinders TV series. Let’s keep it that way, yeah?

We get it. Peaky Blinders is a great show, and every single cast member looks ridiculously cool and badass because they’re wearing one of these caps.

But this isn’t the 1920s, nor are you a gangster from Birmingham. So in the name of the law, put the flat cap down.

Festival fashion

Here’s the problem with festival fashion.

Some people forget that its supposed to go away when the festival ends. And so, 2016 has actually seen people casually wearing tye dye colours, flowers in their hair and ultra-short short-shorts that reveal more than we’re even allowed to speak of.

Save it for Glasto, people.

Overly shredded jeans

Ripped jeans are a thing, and that’s cool. When they’re done right, they do a great job of giving off that casual rockstar vibe.

However, when you take that to a ridiculous extreme, you end up looking like something out of The Walking Dead, like our good friend Kim here.

Metallic tattoos

Beyoncé is a brilliant role model. She’s a strong, confident, talented individual who we should all aspire to be more like.

Here’s the problem though. Until you are actually Beyoncé, you should maybe draw the line at gilding yourself with shiny temporary tattoos.

She can pull it off, because you know, she is pretty much a modern day Cleopatra who may actually bleed gold.

We’re not saying you’re not special, but you’ve got to ask yourself – are you Beyoncé? Because if not, maybe give this trend a miss in 2017, yeah?


Emoji clothing

♡ DIY No Sew Freshtops Emoji Top ♡

This being the age of irony, it hasn’t taken long for emojis to graduate from a quirky yet useful mode of communication to the coveted honour of adorning someone’s t-shirt.

It happens with most objects of cultural fascination these days, but it didn’t need to happen with emojis.

Why? Because no matter how ironic you’re being, it just looks like you REALLY love cartoons.

Oversized Tees

You’ve got to love Kanye for a lot of things, but his popularisation of the ridiculously oversized t-shirt is not one of them.

Is it a t-shirt? Is it a dress? Has he just stayed over at his boyfriend’s house and had to borrow an old band t-shirt?

We suppose we’ll never know what goes on in Kanye’s head. That said, we’re not quite sure we’d want to.

So, how long is this Virgin Galactic space tourism thing going to take?

Just wondering, because after looking at all these awful fashion faux pas, we’re really getting the urge to get off this planet.

If you want to be safe in the knowledge that you’re totally on trend, pay us a visit.

We make sure we’re always on point when it comes to what’s cool, so join us for a cocktail or two and forget you ever saw a grown man wearing a flat cap.

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