Look, you’ve probably noticed, but we’re just a little bit buzzed about arriving in Southend.

Honestly, we can’t bloomin’ wait. After hearing so much about Southend’s sunny seaside vibes, we’ve been suffering from a serious case of FOMO for the longest time now.

Seriously, Southend is like, the perfect party town. And here’s why.

The weather

For the vast majority of us Brits, preparing for a night out causes an internal struggle of epic proportions: to take the coat, or to leave it?

Taking it? Get ready to carry a parka over your arm all night and look like some sort of live-action dancing coat rack from Beauty and the Beast.

Leaving it? You just know it’s going to throw it down, you know you’re going to look like you live in a puddle and you know you’re going to have a bad, bad time.

However, for those #blessed locals of Southend, this isn’t quite the case. The seaside town can boast about being the warmest and driest place in the UK. Yep, that’s right. The coat is always left at home in Southend.

We believe the phrase you’re looking for is… The lucky sods.

We do love to be beside the seaside

And let’s face it, Southend has miles of the stuff. Like, literal miles, so you’re never too far away from all those seaside vibes.

So when you do head down to the beach, you’ll quickly understand why Southend’s beaches are WORLD famous. From jaw-dropping views to never-ending sunshine and even a few colourful beach huts for good measure, it’s hard not to fall in love.

And those stunning beaches in Southend mean that pre-drinks are taken to a whole new level. Forget ten of your mates crowded onto a two-seater sofa, surrounding a sticky table trying to play Ring of Fire.

Instead, how about sinking your feet into warm, white sand while sippin’ on an ice-cold Cosmo Martini and watching the sun go down? Yeah. One of those, please.

The People

Okay, so this kind of freaked us out at first, but the people of Southend are actually, like, WELL friendly?

As in, we can pretty much guarantee you’re going to meet your new bezzie mate in any of Southend’s smoking areas. You may have only been after a lighter, but before you know it, you can recite a stranger’s CV off by heart, you’ve got fourteen Facebook friend requests and you’ve planned a holiday to Havana with a bloke who starts every sentence with ‘fair play’.

We’ve even heard rumours that conversations occur on public transport. Fair play, Southend, fair play.

The nightlife

Look, there’s simply no other way we can put this. Southend’s nightlife is award-winning. Honestly, we’re not even kidding. They’ve won a Purple Flag national award for their nights out.

Now, yeah, sure, we didn’t know what a Purple Flag award was ten minutes ago. But now we do, and the internet tells us it’s extremely prestigious and ONLY given to towns or cities that excel at creating the best nights out. Uhm, where’s ours?!


So, now you can see why we’re excited about Revolution Southend arriving, eh? This one is gonna be big, bold, and the only sure-fire way to turn up the heat!

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