Secret passwords, glitter and an 18,000-year-old cave.

Cocktails are a universally cool concept, but some bars really do do ‘em well.

We like to think we know a thing or two about blending boozy drinks in a sophisticated setting, so we’ve cooked up a little list of amazingly cool cocktail bars from ALL around the world.

And don’t worry. Before you get too gutted that you’ll never make it to one of these well cool watering holes, we’ve paired ‘em up with our new Ketel One cocktails – so you can get a taste of the uber cool right here at home.

Alux Caverna Lounge, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Dinner in a cave!??#mexico

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Just when you thought a cocktail bar in an 18,000-year-old cave couldn’t get any cooler, you discover that the name ‘Alux’ actually comes from the mythological Mayan beings said to live there.

Geological formations and ancient MAGIC?! Count us IN! And did somebody say vodka on the rocks… Sorry. Couldn’t help that one.

We’ve worked our own magic… On our tempting new Ketel One special, the Tickled Pink. With a wave of our magic wand, we made a Blue Hawaiian blush, so it’s better, sweeter, and more suave than ever. Abracadabra!

Little Red Door, Paris

Artsy, fartsy, and oh-so flippin’ French. Little Red Door is Paris’s hippest cocktail spot.

Chat to the dapper, flat cap-wearing bartenders about your drink preferences, and they’ll cook you up something that’s perfect – and totally tailor-made – for you.

Can’t speak French? If you want a drink that oozes European chic, get your mitts on our brand new, ultra glamourous Dutch Mule.

It not be Parisian, but it’s packed full of Ketel One, Techeinné Peach and Aspall Cyder. It’s definitely got that je nais se quoi, that’s for sure.

Employees Only, New York

Fireplace✔️Cocktails✔️We are open until 4am❄️????

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The magic of this quintessentially NYC venue means it consistently tops ‘World’s Best Bar’ lists.

With its sultry, sleek and curvaceous decor, the famously sexy staff serve up an amazing array of super strong drinks. It’s a cool, classy speakeasy, guaranteed to get you absolutely sozzled.

And we know what that sounds like… Ketel Mar-tea-ni, anyone? It’s cool, cute and classy AF, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be too after a few of these. But we CAN confirm you will be abso-bloody-lutely in the mood, after a few sips from this naughty cup ‘n’ saucer.

Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

@playboy – thanks for the shoutout. We've been drinking undercover since '66! ?

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This spy-themed bar is hidden behind a secret door. You need to know the password to get in, but once you do, there’s lots of cool, sleuth movie memorabilia, and secret passageways to explore.

It’s a quirky spot, famed for its fantastic coffees, as well as its glittering cocktails. The decor will keep you entertained for hours – if you’re a bit of a James Bond fan that is – and the extensive drinks list will keep your tastebuds busy.

But oh, you wanna keep it British? Then sod the coffees and Get The Ketel On. Our newest sharer cocktail combines smooth Ketel One, a smooth fruity blend and Earl Grey tea, served in a snazzy teapot for two!

The Broken Shaker, Miami

You’ll find this little pop-up bar (so popular it’s now been made a permanent fixture) round the back of a fun, shabby-chic boutique hotel in Miami Beach.

Perhaps our most humble of entries, this totally tropical tiki bar dishes out delightful – and masterfully made – drinks to huge crowds of ultra cool cocktail-lovers… Miami residents just seem to go crazy for it!

Save yourself the plane trip… And go crazy right here for our beachiest blend, the Mango Loco. Filled full of Ketel One vodka and fruity Handcrafted Flavours, you’ll soon be putting your best party foot forward by throwin’ caution to the wind! Why not?!

Ketel One cocktail specials

You must be ready to sample a taste of the oh-so boho chic mixologist life by now.

Get down here, get involved, and don’t forget – we’ll give you a FREE round of these fabulous specials when you book in advance! Just head to our Ketel One page and book now, then say hello to our super premium new house pour.

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