Is there anything better than getting your groove on and dancing the night away? So, what better way to be productive (by which we mean ‘waste time’) than perfecting some super-epic dance moves? Here are five of our favourite dancefloor killers. Read the article, perfect the moves and wow everyone in the building this weekend.

The Heel Toe

Smooth, simple and makes you look like a pro. Probably avoid if you’re wearing heels, though.

The Moonwalk

Quite simply the coolest thing that has ever happened. Perfect this and you will be a party hero, guaranteed. Again, not one for heels.

The Pop, Lock and Drop

Right, we’re not going to lie – this one is a bit tough. But practice makes perfect, kids. And, again, heels are not ideal.

The Butterfly

A reggae dancehall classic, great for later in the night when you’re loosened up and feeling the flow. Not one for heels. Look, if you’re planning on dancing loads don’t wear heels, right? We should have put that at the start really.


It’s all well and good getting the highly choreographed moves nailed, but sometimes you need to just let loose. Here’s some of our favourite examples of people killing it in their own special style.

We call this ‘The Brent’:

Or how about the ‘I’ve lost my mates so I’m just going to hang out here and be awesome’?:

And, well, we don’t even know where to start with this one:

Ready to bust some serious moves? See you on the dancefloor!

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