When it comes to food, Revolution Stafford has got something for everyone. Our menu is full of so many massive flavours, you’d have to be diabolically picky to not fancy any of our dishes.

But the thing is, we’ve got a feeling the people of Stafford are going be extraordinarily into our bar menu.

Here’s why.

Lobster Ravioli – Culture vulture flavours


Spent an afternoon watching a matinee showing of King Lear at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre? Or did you decide to watch a live broadcast of it live from London at the independent Stafford Cinema? However you’ve been nurturing your brain cells, we’ve got a lobster offering worthy of your refined taste.

Lobster, ricotta, pesto, and Italian hard cheese – that’s a classy set of flavours.

Grilled King Prawn Skewers – Fit for a footballer


Stafford Rangers F.C are in the game of making the people of Stafford proud, which is why they deserve a meal full of flavour. The trouble is, it’s not good for their fitness if it’s full of calories too! That’s why this dish is perfect for a match-fit flavour fix.

King prawns, cauliflower & quinoa salad, harissa and crème fraîche. It’s healthy, filling and it’ll make your taste buds very happy.

Steak Frites – A countryside delight

Steak Frites

If you’ve been out for an epic walk across the countryside, you’re going to want something wholesome and heartwarming to eat when you’ve returned. Luckily for you, our Duck Frites are EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

8oz rump steak, garlic butter and fries. Simple, filling and chock-full of flavour.

Fish & Chips – Brain food

Fish and Chips with Men

With Stafford College around the corner from our kitchen, we know we’re going to have a lot of hungry, sleep-starved students to re-invigorate with awesome flavours. That’s where our Fish & Chips step in.

Served with fat chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce, this fish classic is the brain food you need to keep those neural pathways brimming with knowledge.

The Vodfather Pizza – The tasty heart of the party

The Vodfather

It’s no secret that the people of Stafford love to party, and we’ve got a pizza that’s made for a party crew looking to fill-up before a wild night out.

A hand-stretched pizza base loaded with grilled chicken, vodka salsa, pepperoni, peppers and red onions. Are you ready to get on it?

Hungry now? You should be.

The beauty of this delicious list is that it’s barely even scratched the surface of the full range of food we have on offer.

There’s only one way to find out the whole shabang, and that’s by paying us a visit.

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