When it comes to food, it’s safe to say we’re pretty big on flavour.

You might think we’re just about mixing up the most perfect cocktail blends (which obvs, we are), but our food menu is chock full of so many massive tastes, you’d have to be crazy not to find a dish that tickles your fancy.

In fact, we’ve got a feeling the taste buds of Southend are going to be completely dazzled by all of our menu. Yes, we did just say dazzled. Why? Well, instead of whelks, cockles and that weird pickled shizz from your local chip shop, we’re bringing with us some seriously good eats.

To prove it, here’s what we think you’ll love MOST.

Fish & Chips

We had to, didn’t we?

Not only is this a British classic, but seeing as we’re a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach in Southend, it’s the perfect dish for those seaside vibes.

Also, let’s be real. Does it get much better than this? Perfectly mixed batter served with fat chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce, and that all-important tang from the sea.

Fifty Fifty Pizza

Now, if you’re lucky enough to live anywhere near the lovely lil’ town of Southend, you’ll already know that there’s absolutely loads to do.

But with so much variety, it can be hard to decide whether to spend a day exploring the lush countryside or relaxing with the cool sand between your toes. Seriously, it’s a tricky one, even for us.

So that’s kinda where our Fifty Fifty pizza comes in. Made for those who simply can’t choose, this is the perfect dish for the undecided. Or greedy. Whatevs. Just enjoy creating your own masterpiece!

Steak Frites

This is a dish for you-who-thinks the Southend pleasure pier isn’t that long. Yeah, you’ve heard it’s the longest in the world, but surely it’s not that bad. Like, it’s definitely not too long to walk, right?

Well, one pulled calf, two chafed inner thighs and three whole MILES later, you’re going to need something wholesome and heartwarming when you limp into our place.

Look no further than our stunning 8oz rump steak, served with rich garlic butter and crisp fries. While it’s sure to solve your energy crisis, you’re on your own with the chafing.

The Mother Clucker

Right, we know full-well the people of Southend don’t kid around when it comes to food. They have a serious appetite and they don’t care who knows it.

That’s why we had to bring our Mother Clucker along with us. Just… Look at it.

It’s a beautiful, monster burger full of corn-battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, a slab o’ beef, chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries AND smoky mayo. We know, we know. You’re welcome.

Halloumi Wrap

Look, we know Southend is full of complete culture vultures.

Seriously, you folks love spending an afternoon at Cliff’s watching a Saturday matinée of Waiting for Godot, rather than being Netflix-vegetables like the rest of us.

With this in mind, we’re bringing a ritzy offering that’ll match your uber refined tastes.

Delicately pan-fried halloumi, houmous, rose harissa, all wrapped up with crisp baby gem lettuce. Now, that’s what we call a classy set of flavours.


Hungry? Good, you should be.

The best thing is, this mouth-watering list barely even scratches the surface of our seriously delicious food menu. Honestly, we can’t wait to introduce Southend to our big world of massive tastes.

AGet ready to say buh-bye to bland food, Revolution Southend is comin’ to town.

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