Oh, British Summer, where art thou British Summer?

We feel like we saw you for four whole days in July (when it was hot enough to wear shorts and flip-flops) but we can’t really remember ‘cause yesterday there was a flood warning and we had to use a Tupperware lid as protection from the sideways rain.

And it’s safe to say, the wetness of the incident did nothing to help our waning summer feels.

But alas, you know us. We’re optimists – and we’re not willing to give up on the so-called sunny season just yet. In fact, we’re rounding up some of the hottest facts to bring a lil’ bit of heat back into all of our sad, soggy lives.   

The Sun is YUGE

So, yeah, the Sun is pretty big.

You probably wouldn’t know, ‘cause you’ve barely seen it in the flesh lately (we’re not bitter we promise), but the Sun is actually SO big. If it was hollow, like a big burning beach ball, it could fit a ridiculous 1.3 million Earths inside.

To put its sheer size into perspective, if you think of the solar system as a king size bed, the Sun takes up a selfish 99.86% of the duvet, while Earth gets a measly 0.02%.

Now, that right there is some world-class bed hogging we’re not sure we could live with, no matter how toasty the Sun might be.

The Sun is 28% Helium which is why it floats

It’s basically just a big, fiery, planet-destroying balloon that you let go when you were 5 to test whether it would actually float away. Spoiler alert: it did.

And fine, we’ll admit, the Helium isn’t actually why it floats in space. The answer to that involves scientific mumbo-jumbo like velocity, orbit, and mass.

But the Sun is actually made up of 28% Helium and 72% Hydrogen. And it’s all this Helium that will one day lead to…

The Sun eating the Earth

Yep, just like you inhaling absolutely anything after 14 minutes of not eating, the Sun will one day completely consume our poor lil’ planet.

Now, we’re not gonna pretend to know what the Wikipedia article on the subject said, but there was something about Hydrogen burning away, causing the Sun to become a ‘red giant’ star.

The important thing is, it seems that all good things must come to an end. Every cocktail has a last sip, every pizza has a final slice, and obvs, every planet will get consumed by the Sun in about five years time.*

*Fine. It’s actually probably gonna take about 130 million years time. But that isn’t very exciting now, is it?

Driving to the Sun would be one long road trip

We assumed if we could average about 60mph in our Vauxhall Corsa, miss a good deal of the traffic, and NOT stop for a naughty Maccy D’s, that driving to the Sun would take us about six months, you know, give or take.

Well, turns out it’s actually a bit further than we thought. Just a touch. A smidge. Only 177 years further really.

Holy moly. We were all up for going but we’re not sure our Spotify playlist is long enough for THAT.

It would take 1 trillion billion lions to defeat the Sun in battle

Okay, you’re gonna have to stick with us on this one.

First off, a trillion billion lions is a LOT of lions. That’s so many in fact, that all together in space they would create a kind of meat moon (why doesn’t this exist?), bigger than the Sun itself.

But come on, lions can’t really survive in space, and we’re all about realism here. So instead, these are the three ways a trillion billion lions could defeat the Sun in battle once and for all:  

  1. Collect every lions’ urine and use it in a giant super soaker.
  2. A coordinated roar that would literally blow out the Sun like a candle.
  3. Play the waiting game, and wait ‘til the Sun goes extinct.

Obvs, with all these plans, the lions would have to attack at night… Duh. And let’s be real, whatever happens, this battle would be lit.


After reading these super-literal, completely true hot facts, are you kinda craving an ice cold beer right about now?

Yeah, we thought as much. That’s why we’re bringing some seriously beachy vibes to your predictably windy day, with more Corona than we know what to do with.

So book your table, crack open a cold one with the boys, and take a break with the most refreshing beer you’ve ever tasted. And enjoy wowing your mates with these facts – yes, you can thank us later. 

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