Wonderfully experimental, constantly ever-changing and if we’re honest, just a lil’ bit edgy… It’s safe to say, our stupendous food menu is completely out of this world.

Okay, okay, we hear you. Fine. We guess London’s food scene is pretty good too.

And the thing is, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion the fancy flavours and mouth-watering eats of our menu are gonna fit right in amongst Putney’s seriously quirky food scene.

Here’s why.

Pulled Beef Denver Fries

Back by popular demand, about as trendy as it gets thanks to all that salt beef, and if we’re honest, kind of impossible to talk about without getting a lil’ hot under the collar.

Don’t believe us? Well, just think about all that lip-smackingly salty pulled beef. The superbly sticky melted cheese. The lil’ touch of spice from those naughty Roquito peppers. All topped with the creamiest peppercorn sauce you’ve ever seen.

Yep, we get it. You need a minute to recover.

Popcorn Halloumi Wrap

We know that despite London’s ever-changing nature, there will always be three things that just never change with the capital’s food scene.

If it can be deep fried, it will be deep fried. There will always be at least one waiter with a comically-large beard. And more than anything, every single menu must have at least one dish full of everyone’s favourite cheese… Halloumi.

And while we can’t promise you a waiter with a beard larger than your future, we have breaded the coolest cheese in the world right now, made it bitesize, and paired those squeaky slices of heaven with houmous, salsa, and baby gem lettuce in a truly wonderful wrap.

Dirty King Prawns

The only thing London loves more than halloumi and avoiding eye contact on the tube? Well, that’s easy… Street food.

And while our Dirty King Prawns come on a plate rather than in a dinky disposable container, with breaded king prawns tossed in our homemade chorizo mayo with a touch of spicy chilli, they’re as delicious as any street food.

We’ve even provided two handy skewers but if we’re honest, as soon as these bad boys arrive at the table, we can guarantee you’ll be using the skewers God gave you in no time at all.   

Smokin’ Bacon Burger

Rainbow-coloured food? Full English ramen? Exploding cheeseburgers?

Look, there’s no getting around it… The London food scene can sometimes be a bit OUT there. Which is why we thought it was only fair we bring a burger that’s kinda out there too. So say hello to our Smokin’ Bacon, with smoked cheddar, chorizo ketchup, streaky bacon, smokinnaise, and crispy onions.

Oh, and Wotsits. Because that’s just how we roll.

Superfood Salad

With a list of superfoods you’ve probably never heard of, this might just be the most London dish we’re packing along to a Putney bar and restaurant.

Shout out to the smashed avocado, quinoa, lentils, wheatberries, soya beans, and coriander seeds of our delicious Superfood Salad, which are not only guaranteed to make you feel bloomin’ fantastic, but will have you feeling like a true Londoner in no time at all. Or else.

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