Yes your Privilege Card comes with free good times pants but they also come with a caution: there are certain places you do not want to get caught in your pants.

We know it seems obvious, but sometimes these things just happen.

1. When taking the bins out.

It is NEVER Wright to wear your undies with Uggs (see what we did there??)


2. Sneaking in to hotel rooms

…the wrong hotel room that is. Not so GOOD TIMES!


3. At work.

You might have been told to imagine your colleagues in their pants when giving presentations, but please don’t take this advice too literally!


4. When a bus full of tourists is at your house.

These lucky tourists caught a glimpse of golden balls himself making a dash to his car in his pants when they visited his Beverly Hills estate… Where can we buy a ticket?


5.When cooking crystal meth.

Because not everyone wants to see your Heisenberg or your Walter white bits.


But most importantly don’t get caught without them. Get yours here. Share your photos with us using #PantsPals and you could WIN your rent for the term!

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